Lucas County to attract and retain immigrants

A paragraph in the article says that company's have moved to non-union states and other countries. Wouldn't it be easier to make Lucas County like the other states and countries than to bring in illeagal immigrants er I mean immigrants? Then maybe more residents, at least the ones left here, could start business's without government interferance.

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Someone please convince me that these meetings are not a waste of my time. It's always a done deal anyway.

If Pete Gerken would agree to move out of Lucas County, I'd be all for him being replaced by an immigrant (legal or otherwise).

Why stop there? Replace most of Toledo city gov't with immigrants and we might get some new ideas from them.


I don't think we need any ideas from any top officials. The citizens have plenty of their own if they would just stay out of our business. The idiots of this town won't replace them with anyone anyways.

"They are now preparing key contacts in American communities to welcome Syrians."

Don'tcha just love it when a plan comes together.

Now that we have a huge welfare state, importing poverty from nations that culturally hate us, is a huge mistake.

And there's a big factor inside that mistake that we as North Americans and of Christian bend, should be well appraised of: The importation of the terrible cancer that is ISLAM. Among world religions, it's obviously notable for its capacity to govern a desperately stupid, violent people. The literary tradition of Islam is about the size of Spain. For the governance of about 1 billion people, that's pathetic. It's more than pathetic; it's damned dangerous. The more we import those people, the more we setup cancerous social cells inside our nation. Europe's experiencing the pains of that sick importation today.

too lenient in THEIR immigration policies! For example, diseases brought by the Europeans killed American Indians by the millions! What fools most of them were to be so kind and so cooperative!
The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that anyone born in America is an American citizen upon their birth here. That makes us very different from other countries in the world. They define citizenship only by the citizenship of their parents; some by the citizenship of only their father. Apparently, many posting here admire this approach.

Here's a good example. Jordan does not give full citizenship to any children born of a Jordanian mother and a foreign father. And, this policy is NOT based upon religious differences, either. The example featured in the article is of a child whose mother is Jordanian, but whose father is one of those hated Israelis NO! Americans NO! Germans NO! Egyptians YES! The father is a Muslim from Egypt. Oh, the horror!
Here's the link:

America WAS a nation of immigrants who valued the Republic-an ideals under which a hard-working and prudent people could prosper.

That ship has sailed. Now we import poverty... masses of people that expect to collect from our welfare state, one way (individual welfare) or another (tax frauds). We're ruined. This nation is done.

fails to understand why I use that descriptive term for GZ (aka Mr. Empty Glass)?

People certainly understand that when you're thoroughly trounced in the argument, you only resort to ad hominem attacks.

Real life isn't your classroom, you idiot. You can't control the narrative out here like you did in that soul-crushing environment. I'm guessing that it must totally piss you off that Liberalism is losing, after you spent your working life pushing that perverse ideology on hordes of youth.

Ever notice, GZ, that this guy always uses the same tired, old paradigm? The first sentence is a personal attack. The second sentence is the accusation that we don't like to be bothered by his "facts". Next is the bit about not providing any statistics. Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

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