The great Obama experiment has failed

Remember the hope and change that we all were going to realize when we elected a black man to be President? Remember how Joe Biden bragged that Obama was "clean and a nice looking guy"--and he was black? Remember how Obama was going to reverse the negative image the U.S had around the world--while being black?

The thing we will remember about the Obama Presidency is that when you elect someone who has never accomplished anything outside of politics--you end up with someone who can't handle the job.

Most Presidents have something besides their political careers to their credit:

Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer
George W. Bush was managing partner of a MLB team
George Washington was a land surveyor
Richard Nixon was a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy
Ronald Reagan was an actor

...and Barack Obama was a community organizer (which is code for a person who gets poor people to the polls to vote for Democrats). Oh yes, and he taught part-time at a college. Honestly, if your daughter brought a guy home who had those credentials wouldn't you think "she'll be supporting this guy FOREVER"?

Obama is the car salesman who gets by with his smooth-talking b.s., with the white owner of the dealership mimicking Biden's words.

Shame on anyone who is now surprised that Obama approaches the Presidency with the same amount of enthusiasm as a husband at the in-laws' Thanksgiving gathering. Obama's a one-trick pony--and when his charm doesn't fool people into thinking he's competent--he gets a little testy.

If Obama had one shred of morality, he'd resign and put the Country out of its misery.

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They will try to get another no-experience liberal academic like him in office. She also is depending, and understands well, THE STUPIDITY OF THE AMERICAN VOTER.

I agree. The Obama Experiment did fail. Obama hoped that he could unite White and Minority America. When something good happens, White America gives the credit to someone other than Obama. When something bad happens White America gives Obama all the blame. This is typical behavior of White America toward non-Whites.

Name one thing good that has happened here in the last six years.

The unemployment rate is below what it was when Obama took office, and well below the peak of 10.0% reached only a few months after Obama took office, and before the positive effects of any of Obama's initiatives could take effect.
Unlike the predictions from you and your fellow travelers about how Obama's re-election would lead to higher gas prices, shortages and bankrupting imports of petroleum; gas prices are WAY DOWN from those in 2012. And, in fact, the United States has become a net EXPORTER of petroleum under Obama's leadership!
Right-wingers also claimed that Obama's policies woud ruin the economy. In fact, the Dow Jones and Standard & Poors reached record highs this week, and the NASDAQ was higher than at any time during W's 8 years in office! Our economy is leading the world! In fact, the U.S. GDP has grown at a faster rate in the last 2 fiscal quarters, than at any time in the past decade! Here's a link to an article about this from a British source:
Many right-wingers claimed that Obama really wanted America to become a Muslim nation. On the contrary, under Obama, Osama Bin Laden was hunted down and killed, after W failed to have this done in 7 long years!
Many right-wingers also claimed that, especially if he won a second term, Obama would order the confiscation of all citizen-owned firearms. My NRA-member son-in-law is yet to call me up to tell me that even one of his weapons has been confiscated by the Federal government!
Millions of Americans who were not covered by health insurance now are. And many who could not get health insurance because of pre-existing health concerns are now covered.
And, we are normalizing relations with Cuba, ending a counter-productive 50+ year policy.
Sorry I don't have more. These are just off the top of my head.
I continue to apologize for using these disturbing facts to negate your firmly held, unprovable opinions.

Every thing you say is off the top of your head. And nothing you cheer about has helped me out, one iota. All the Newly Insured, have been FORCED to get high cost insurance, with higher cost deductibles. Fifty billion per month from the Fed is why the market is up. I think you meant to say gas prices are down IN SPITE of obama, not because of him. And the last sentence of your diatribe is supposed to be the second sentence. Why the change?

I asked CharlieZ a question. Why did you butt in and answer for him? I mean the REAL REASON. It sounds to me like your racism is showing. CharlieZ is smart enough and mature enough to answer his own questions, without you deciding you're much more qualified to answer for him. Not just racist thinking, but condescending thinking as well.

they are directed to me, G-MAN. I never saw that rule posted anywhere...sorry.

I guess if you cannot refute the facts I state, those facts don't exist? Remember, it was the right-wingers who claimed that Obama's policies and directions would, if he were to be re-elected, lead to economic ruin, soaring gas prices, gas shortages, a new recession, etc. I'm also sorry that your gloomy predictions failed to occur; but not so sorry as you are, I'm sure.
Now, as far as Charlie Z is concerned, I, for one, have no idea what his race or ethnicity Charlie Z is. I never saw that as important to inquire about. But, race and ethnicity seem to be much more important to you.

It does rattle my cage a little when people state that nothing good has happened with Obama as POTUS. I guess people have very short memories. They tend to forget just how bad things were before Obama became the POTUS, and what a total mess he and the Democratic Congress were handed by the outgoing administration. I do know that my daughter was a victim of "downsizing" a while back. I also know that she now has a full-time, high tech, private sector job right here in Toledo with benefits so good that she is putting her husband and her children on her package instead of his. For the record, he is also employed in the private sector.

month in the stock market? Where is their portfolio listed? I'd be curious as to what their investment strategy is! The FED didn't buy any stock? I guess the 50 billion figure is just a big number you right-wingers like to toss around, in order to try to win an argument without actual facts to support your empty opinions.
I though that it was W's idea to invest Social Security funds in the stock market, instead of limiting those funds to bonds only. Am I wrong about this? And, just how would those Social Security investments have done during the W years? WARNING/WARNING! More facts you'll hate and/or ignore! From January of 2001, to January of 2009. the 8 years of W's Presidency, the DJIA was DOWN 24.9%; the S&P was DOWN 40.02%, and the NASDAQ was DOWN 47.99%!
Good thing W couldn't get Congress to go along with THAT idea!

Here you go again, ignoring facts to suit some other purpose, and providing your spurious statistics once again.

"I though that it was W's idea to invest Social Security funds in the stock market, instead of limiting those funds to bonds only. Am I wrong about this?" Yes, you are wrong about this. His plan was to ALLOW people the CHOICE to invest a small amount of their OWN money in the market. Quit twisting being rude as well as inconsiderate into some sort of rules violation you think I accused you of, since I never said any such thing.

Here's a math question. If I started putting 10% of my SS money into the market, starting Jan. 2001, and KEPT putting 10% in until This Friday WITHOUT getting out in 2008, wouldn't I be way ahead of the game by now?

things around! Thanks for bringing that up, G-MAN!!
Since Obama took office, the DJIA is UP 126.23%. The S&P is UP 158.36%. And the NASDAQ is UP a whopping 231.57%!

However, when I was young, a long, long time ago, I remember adults talking about how they didn't have to save anything for retirement, because they had Social Security. Social Security was not originally meant to be a stand-alone, exclusive retirement tool. It was intended to provide a secure and safe floor from which people could add their own savings and investments so that they would not have to work until they died. Not only is this a humane way to treat our elderly, it also opens up jobs for younger workers.
I never depended only upon my Social Security and public pension, even though I did acquire my 40+ quarters along with paying a LOT MORE into my public pension, than one pays into Social Security. I strongly suggest that others sacrifice now to have a more secure retirement. Many people have a 401K to supplement their Social Security, for example. The equity market is a good place for them to invest those extra retirement funds.

If the democrats' congress turned things around, why did they just thrown out of office? The excuse I hear most often, it's because they didn't get their message out. Bullshit. Their message was heard, loud and clear! The Republicans are now entrenched, and will hold BOTH Houses, for at least the next 50 years or so. And thank God for that!

G-MAN -- 50 years? OK...if you say so, it must be so!

Gas prices? Here is a main factor in lower gas prices! And your democrats had NOTHING to do with it. One more inconvenient fact to ignore, Dale.

As usual, what you label as "fact" is really your opinion.
Here's a most pertinent quote: "OPEC countries led by Saudi Arabia -- which pump a third of the world's crude -- are concerned about the loss of market share to shale oil drillers in the U.S. and ballooning supply outside the group."
G-MAN -- You conveniently forget all of the dire warnings made by those who share your right-wing philosophy that if Obama were to be elected even once, he would do everything in his power to limit oil production in this country out of concern for the environment. For better or for worse, Obama's policies have allowed the U.S. to become a net EXPORTER of oil.
Just can't wrap your head around that fact, can you, G-MAN? And how were we doing when W, the oil man, was in charge? BTW -- One of the most well calculated investments I ever made was buying oil stock shortly after W was elected. Too bad I'm not one of the true "Golden Class," like Willard. I could have made tens or hundreds of millions!
And, as T. Boone Pickens stated, the drops in petroleum and natural gas prices equal a tax cut of a trillion dollars. That's trillion with a "t." And Pickens knows more about energy resources, and the effects energy has on the U.S. and world economies, than almost anyone on this planet living or dead!

"" And Pickens knows more about energy resources, and the effects energy has on the U.S. and world economies, than almost anyone on this planet living or dead!"

How can you say that, unless you have asked some of the dead? I think you have "gotten started" early. YIPPPEEE!

school, and having managed my own investments, (limited as they are), my entire adult life, I've read a lot of books and articles written by a lot of economists and/or professional financial analysts, good and bad. Personally, I haven't yet read anyone who understood the energy sector better than Pickens. But that's just my personal experience. I could be wrong.
You are free to believe anyone you want. I'll place my bet on Boone!

Reading the posts by G-man and others like him I have proven my point. When Obama does something good he doesn't get the credit. When something bad happens Obama gets all the blame.

When I read your posts, and those of others like you, it reminds me that the same thing happened to W.

W didn't do anything right. He almost destroyed this country. Thank God Obama got elected and saved us all.

Since he still has two long, tedious years to go, the jury is still out on the "saved us all" rhetoric.

I don't blame Obama for the dimocrats being swept from control of the Senate-I give him all the credit for it!

"Experiment" implies you try something new. Obama was a corrupt Chicago career politician. So nothing new was tried when he was elected. The Liberals forgot this salient fact in 2008, then in 2012, and now continue to deny its veracity.

Liberals can't learn. They're heavily indoctrinated to prevent that from happening.

To prove my point in my earlier post, when Eisenhower was leading the allies against the Germans he was a hero. When Colin Powell led the coalition against Iraq, all the credit was given to Schwarzkopf..

Powell has probably gotten over it by now. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Obama's second term in office, despite his dire predictions back in 2012. Like so many other wealthy Americans, things have never been better for this man than they have been under this POTUS!!
Here's a link to the story about a real person and his real business:

It's clear to me that Obama has won many battles for the lower and middle classes. His State of the Union Address made it more clear. I can hear the billionaires and billionaire Wanna-Be's twisting in their seats.

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