Why The Dems Lost 2/3 Of Their Constituants


They didn't get their message out, IMO. Next time, I suggest they campaign a lot harder, on issues like: the war on women, playing the race card more effectively, voter intimidation, and so on. And of course, from now on the DNC will have to have a Black person on the presidential ticket, or they lose the 2/3s forever.

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I'd like you to explain your last sentence. I'm not sure I understand that one.

2/3s of the registered voters didn't get up off their asses to vote last week. Do you understand that? Sorry, but no more links for either of you two. You'll have to take my word that the democrats' lost big last week. Or, then again, I might be lying, too.

Not quite the answer Gullible-Man, you're being asked to explain the sentence where you said a black man needed to be on the ticket. Do you understand that?

After electing POTUS twice (which was SO hard) his supporters went back to their couches and large screen TV's because the job had been done and congratulations on all that effort. Since democracy is a full time development (they have little experience with full time) hence no need to keep the momentum going it will just roll along on its own as all deserved things do. Had your day in the sun now its time to get back to reality and grow the country again.

Check, your explanation gets it. I'm sure you are aware that during a president's second term the power in Congress has tended to shift to the party not in the White House during midterm elections. It’s been that way since Eisenhower. It has happened that way for both parties; Reagan and George W. Bush lost senators and representatives as well. I actually agree with your take if you are talking about 2nd term midterms in general.

The point though is other than Obama who can keep the coalition together. The biggest drop off seen is with 18-29 yr olds and Black voters. Those are groups Obama does specifically well with. It remains to be seen if Hilary or another Democrat can ignite the passion within those two groups.

There are many who believe you won't see that type of enthusiasm out of Black voters unless there is a Black candidate on the ticket. Additionally there were GOP candidates like Rauner in IL who made gains with Black voters on the way to his win.


Other than millions of Americans opening up their mail just to find out that Obamacare's socio-economic changes have massively increased insurance deductibles, I'd hazard to guess that the Democrats shouldn't keep telling White people that they're racist and privileged and should pay even more taxes.

I heard some SJW bitch at the recent immigration meeting at the ETFC run her mouth about "White privilege". We working men who do the work of society are getting more than tired of hearing how we were just handed our jobs or positions... how it's somehow 'privilege' to pursue work, labor daily, budget carefully and save money, despite assaults by all levels of government to take, take and take that money. All this Liberal attack really is making grown men "Go Galt" and start to either disconnect from politics or vote for the rightwing.

How far is this blowback happening? In January, the House has a supermajority of Republicans, the Senate has a simple majority of Republicans, 66 of 99 state legislatures are Republican-controlled to some degree, and 31 of 50 Governors are Republican. Looks like Americans are really starting to reject the Liberal ideology at the political level. And if the Liberals stayed home in droves in the midterm elections... well, their apathy and dejection say something important about Liberalism, doesn't it?

GZ, I hope the democrats' party keeps right on hollering about White privilege, the war on women, that any republican running for office is responsible for the shootings of Trayvon Brown and Michael Martin, and so on and so forth. And that the success of liberal agendas is only possible because of THE STUPIDITY of American voters!

like THIS link? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_XSUFyNA-I

The Bare Knuckle Fight Against Money in Politics

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Or the stupidity of the Americans who vote for liberal legislation?

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