Greatest Catfight Of All time On The Horizon-Mrs. Clinton And Elisabeth Warren?


If Hillary runs against Warren, 2016 will be the most entertaining election in the Countrys' history! Even more so than the one earlier in the week.

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That race displays the weakness of the Democratic party in it's current state.

Hilary will be hurt by the President's low approval numbers, just like all the candidates across the country were this week.

Also she will be unable to pull together a united coalition of voters like Obama did. She's 8 years older now and already defined, by the Dem Party too(not in a good way). If she couldn't win it in '08 she won't win it now. She's damaged goods.

If Warren runs she will have to face her racial claims outside of MA. Other than her populist views on Wall Street she has little to campaign on. The "War on Women" was just rejected by the purple areas of the country. All the issues she supports that have a majority favorability with the general public have been and continue to be on the low end of the priority scale for voters.

This election just made it incredibly tougher for the 2016 Dem nominee. The GOP just won with a primarily moderate message not the more conservative Tea Party message nor religions right social message. Plus the GOP hold on governorships will make it easier campaigning for the GOP nominee.

For the last three elections now the Dems have ignored the down ticket to support the President. Now there are less prospects for the future.

Things can and do change but the message the White House is putting out doesn't seem like they're going to try something new.


I want to see them both on a debate stage in a real hair-pulling, punching, rolling on the floor with their skirts up around their waists exposing what they really are.

And a few scratches and bite marks?

That Elizabeth Warren has really nice high cheekbones.

to it :) It is a result of her Native American pedigree no doubt. Not sure how everyone is forgetting she fibbed this one and how she is considered credible, but maybe that is the whole plan :)

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