Kinder Morgan Utopia Pipeline to go through Fulton County?

A new pipeline to go through Fulton County? Why are they skipping around Lucas County?

Kinder Morgan Cochin LLC and Kinder Morgan Cochin ULC (collectively and individually “Kinder Morgan”) previously announced a binding open season for the Utica To Ontario Pipeline Access (UTOPIA) project. Under the UTOPIA project, Kinder Morgan will develop, construct, own and operate a 240-mile, 12-inch diameter pipeline from Harrison County, Ohio, to Kinder Morgan’s Cochin Pipeline near Riga, Michigan, where the company would then move product eastward to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. UTOPIA would transport previously refined or fractionated natural gas liquids, including ethane and ethane-propane mixtures.

The binding open season was held from Sept. 5, 2014 at 8 a.m. Central Time until Oct. 6, 2014 at 5 p.m. Central Time. During the binding open season, NOVA Chemicals Corporation submitted a signed long-term transportation agreement which provided the necessary commitment level required for Kinder Morgan to move forward with the project. Kinder Morgan is currently considering holding an additional binding open season for the committed capacity which was not subscribed during the original binding open season. Any updates or announcements of a subsequent open season will be posted to this website.

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Michigan Citizens Rise Up and Force a Gas Pipeline to Skirt Their County

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