Remember how funny you pricks thought it was when WE got a terrorist hit, applause in Parliment, etc.? Well, laughing boys, why are you SILENT now?

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When did anyone in the Canadian parliament applaud a terrorist hit? I don't remember that one.

September 11th, in the year of Our Lord, 2001, about 8:46 AM, on a Tuesday. When it was announced in Canada, the Parliment began cheering, until someone noticed the cameras were rolling. How old were you then?

At 8:46 AM, when the first plane hit nobody even knew it was a terror attack yet. It was first thought to be an accident. Back up your claim that they cheered in the Canadian Parliament because we were hit by a terrorist attack. I'm pretty sure it did not happen.

mankind. and, therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." John Donne
I, too, do not recall any prominent Canadian applauding terrorist attacks on Americans anywhere. Now, as in this country, because there is great freedom of speech, there may well be terrorist sympathizers in Canada who may have made irrational statements about Americans who died in a terrorist attack, but there certainly was not a general Canadian attitude of, "Ha, ha. They got you, Americans, and we Canadians are safe. Ha, ha!" From my personal experience, even the French Canadians are quite nice to Americans, once they find out we are really Americans, and are not Canadians of British extraction.
Canada and the United States have the longest border in the world WITHOUT TROOPS facing each other in anger or, at least, suspicion. As a matter of fact, whenever I've crossed the border, it's always the U.S. officials who show us more scrutiny. The Canadian officials seem genuinely courteous and happy to have us come for a visit.

What's with the geography lesson? Who are you trying to impress, anyway? It seems you pmw have something in common, you have CRS. It seems like you go to Canada a lot. Is this the reason why?:


You're quick to play us a song, but where's a link proving what you said about the Canadian Parliament? I'd like to see you back up your accusation.

Canada? Don't you mean AMERICA: ON ICE!


I recall watching a report on TV about the people of Canada providing temporary housing, food and other assistance to Americans after US airspace was shut down and hundreds were stranded. People opened their homes to perfect strangers.


And I remember a Canadian police officer, who had a cadaver dog, got fired for taking a vacation, to help US officers look for bodies.

You still haven't proved with a link that the Canadian Parliament cheered about 911.

You need the link, not me. I was old enough to remember it. Like you will not need a link to remember the utter thumping the democrats' party got the other day.

The Canadian Parliament never cheered when we were hit on 911. You have it wrong, and aren't man enough to admit it.

I'm not wrong. There are no links disputing what I said, either. Since everything on the net is true(or it wouldn't be on the net), what I say still goes.

Unless you were actually there to "remember it", as you keep repeating, what is the source of your claim? What gave you the false idea that the Canadian Parliament cheered because of 911? I'm beginning to think the "G" in G-Man might stand for gullible.

It was on EVERY news show, for several days, until the Canadian Government walked it back. If you don't accept that, it's just too bad. You should search the Canadian Government files. Tell them "I'm doing everything possible to discredit the G-Man, now please HEP, HEP, HEP me some-bhaddy!"

Yeah right, and they were totally successful in erasing every trace of it. I guess the "G" does stand for gullible.

I say so." Ever have a dream so real you thought it WAS real? THAT'S where G-MAN is. For some reason, he wants to demonize Canada, the closest friend and ally the United States has in the world. Go figure.

And you two think I have nothing better to do than pull your chains I suppose?

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