Waitress--I'd like a little gravy on my "Snow"

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Snow is adorable and delicious.

The last several years I've been eating double portions of meat so I can make up for Paul McCartney.


While I find your opening comment somewhat funny, albeit derivative, I do not ridicule someone like Paul McCartney for not eating meat. I limit my intake of red meats for health reasons. Since I had angioplasty 19 years ago because of blockages in one of my coronary arteries, I limit my intake of animal fat. But, I am NOT a vegetarian, and I do NOT oppose killing animals for human consumption. I just don't make fun of those who hold these beliefs.

As for the poor soul featured in this video, I feel sorry for her. Although I am not a psychologist, and I never even played one on TV, it would seem from her public outburst that she has emotional problems which would require psychological counseling.

As for you, Mikey, if your cholesterol numbers are good, and your family history is light on heart disease, eat all the meat you desire! However, if your family history is shaky, and/or you have high overall, and/or LDL, cholesterol numbers, I'd suggest for you a diet high in seafood and non-red meats. I can tell you from personal experience that it's no fun to be lying on a table having a heart catheterization procedure, and having the cardiologist say (and very calmly, I might add), "Oh. it [the right anterior descending coronary artery] looks to be about 90-95% blocked."

Dale, let Mikey eat whatever he feels like. Some people do get great satisfaction reading the obituary section, you know.

If Paul McCartney made the choice to not eat meat I'd be ok with just that. However, he condemns others for the choice to eat meat.

Look at his current initiative to get others to stop eating meat as some sort of moral authority over others. He's been trying to get people to stop eating meat for 40 years. In the mean time he could have better spent his time trying to end starvation in third world countries.

Thank you for your concern on my health. My family history dictates there is a high possibility that I will be dead in 5-10 years but I routinely get myself checked because of it. My heart and cholesterol are both healthy. Cardiovascular exercise is the best thing you can do for your heart. Unfortunately most Americans, even when they work out, don't do enough cardio.


I call it "scared straight." Since my angioplasty, I do about 5-6 days per week of cardio. I used to do some weights as well, but I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in 2002, so I no longer do weights. My cholesterol numbers were downright scary. Now, they are great! And, as everyone who reads here knows, I do drink my one glass of red wine per day, along with taking a statin and niacin, and watching my fat intake. My wife and I cook almost exclusively with olive oil, too.

Genetics means more than anything else, but regular exercise makes everything better. It may not add years to your life, but you will feel better every day you are alive because you exercise. Keep it up, Mikey, even after you get old like me!

I bet this woman is pro-abortion. Isn't it ironic?

Always trying to label people, SP?

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