toledoans are in deep denial about Jeep

There's a popular riddle that goes like this: A young boy and his father are in a car accident. The father dies at the scene. The boy is transported to the hospital and taken immediately into surgery, but the surgeon steps out of the operating room and says, "I can't operate on this boy--he's my son!" Who's the surgeon?

It's likely that in today's society more people would come up with the answer compared to 30 or more years ago. Of course, the surgeon is the boy's mother.

Just as this riddle requires thinking outside of the stereotypical box, Toledoans need to get a grip on the reality of Jeep leaving Toledo. Many of the arguments for why Jeep will/should stay in Toledo are gullible--at best.

Toledo has the skilled workers needed to produce Jeeps--Why would a state-of-the-art production facility making aluminum unibody Jeeps need production line workers?

Toledo is Jeep and Jeep is Toledo--Do people honestly think this means anything to Fiat?

This is a ploy because contract negotiations are coming up--What better time to say "goodbye" to a workforce to which you no longer have a contractual tie.

Concerning whether Toledo would survive a shutdown of the Jeep factory, it sounds like the UAW is using the same scare tactics of which they are accusing Fiat.

Here's an article from Autoweek that every interested Toledoan should read.

Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote) brainier there! Prediction: If Fiat makes a unibody Wrangler in four years the current vehicle sales will explode! Anyone with half a brain remembers the old Jeep Cherokee that had the solid front axle. The Cherokee was exported all over the world, used by the UN and anyone needing a serious off road vehicle. Then dumb free trade agreements slapped huge tariffs on our vehicles. The Liberty replaced it and of course it had an independent front end which all serious off roaders hated. They all flocked to the Wrangler and now that may disappear. No if it goes unibody Toledo may not care to have that loser being built in Toledo. Best thing would be to keep a high strength lightweight steel frame and make an aluminum body with a turbo diesel and build it in Toledo then build a unibody Wrangler Jr at Sterling Heights. Maybe put some sort of limits on production to meet new EPA fleet fuel mileage standards. I can tell you without a true off road vehicle in production the Jeep brand will be lost. Remember what happened to Cub Cadet when MTD bought them an ruined a good product. Lets not see Jeep go down to some greedy lying internationalists looking to make a quick short term buck.

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Since when should skilled trades workers steal production jobs?

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