for the swampbubbles posters who are obsessed with 105.5 fm

There are certain SB posters who have recently become obsessed with Denny Schaffer and 105.5 FM. In the spirit of helping fellow posters, I wanted to make those people aware of something that should make them equally excited--Barry Manilow is releasing an album of duets he's done with dead people!

Yep, Barry sings with Mama Cass, Jimmy Durante, Andy Williams--along with a lot of other cryptors.

I smell a 105.5 special!

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Certain posters like yourself. We know, else you wouldn't have posted this.

Oh Mandy
Well you came and you gave without taking
Oh Mandy...

Thanks Galt!

I'm sure they will get much enjoyment out of it.

They are very sensitive people, if someone says something they don't like they begin to cry. Normally Barry Manilow's music speaks to those who are extra sensitive. Maybe buying his album will give them something to listen to besides Fred. I don't know if it will help their sensitivity issues though, they might get dehydrated from all the crying they'll be doing in addition to all the crying they do on here.


worldwide. I'm not sure from where the Barry Manilow hate derives, but, are you all jealous of his fabulous success?
BTW -- I prefer Billy Joel, who has sold about double Barry's number. Hate him, too?
I do own some Billy Joel. I own NO Barry Manilow.

Once again, I mostly listen to sports talk radio out of Detroit and Cleveland.

And, I give Fred full credit for participating in a highly competitive business. I only hope that the competition between Fred and Denny Shaffer does not come down to a ratings contest revolving around which one can be more negative about the greater Toledo area.

Slim Whitman sold 120,000,000 records worldwide.

"At the Copa, Copacabana. The hottest spot north of Havana...."

Are you jealous of anyone who is successful? If so, why?

the Top 40 at one time. It was the first Gold record which Manilow both wrote and recorded. And the album on which Copacobana appeared, won Manilow a Grammy?

Jealousy, thy name is aka Galt!

You're wrong--I'm REALLY, REALLY jealous of Manilow.

Manilow is an extremely talented, successful person.
So was Slim Whitman. Since Whitman lived to be 90 years old, and was still recording well into his 80s, Manilow may still pass him in total sales...if he lives long enough. They both have a legacy of music and millions of fans worldwide. No wonder you're jealous, aka Galt!

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