Driving tips

Before you strap yourself in, adjust the mirrors and start your automobile, make sure you are not carrying cash, have no energy drinks or air fresheners in the car and, most importantly, that you are white. Happy motoring!


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Oh, this happens to white trash from the trailer park or wrong side of the tracks too. You know the kind, loudmouths with bad tattoos and wearing wifebeater shirts, but that doesn't get quite as much press because it doesn't happen as often or is as mediagenic. If it did, we'd see some serious reform concerning the blue-on-everyone-except-the-rich crimes.

Yet another good reason to stop making drugs illegal.

Legalize them, tax them, and instead of prosecuting addicts, treat them as a public health issue. Voila! No more of this police state shit.

I agree. Legalize prostitution while we're at it. I have a feeling you'll see sex crimes go down as well as "unwanted" pregnancies and so on.

Are you surprised that I agree with you?


If prostitution were legal, then we'd see sex crime stats take a nose dive.

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

Something we can all agree on. Me more than most, as the side effects of chemo therapy are dragging my ragged ass around the block right now and I suspect a little pot would help.

The business of confiscating wealth without due process has been going on for about 30 years or more, and the commercial media isn't covering the abuse the way it should. Probably the major players are afraid to cover the story because of what could happen to them. But then we have that first amendment business, don't we?

Mad Jack
Mad Jack's Shack

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