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Think any scientist with any intention of getting a federal research grant for himself or his university would reply to Brown with, "Why, yes, senator, I don't think the evidence to date is anywhere close to conclusive regarding man-made climate change. In fact, no one has sufficiently explained to me why we no longer call it global warming." Questioning climate change is a career killer for those in science and academics. Too much money and the potential for government-sanctioned scorn are on the line. They'd be safer voicing support for the sexual exploitation of women and the efforts of ISIS to establish a permanent caliphate.

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Anyone who denies human activity affects the climate is in denial of the laws of conservation of mass and energy and of the laws of thermodynamics. Which is pretty much everyone who believes in Creationism, when you think about it.

You're right, AC, and never forget that everyone can contribute to saving the planet. So please consider reducing the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere by ceasing your breathing.

Patience is a great virtue.

Are you denying humans are affecting the climate with your personal attack on me, Don?

I'm only noting your assertion that the mere presence of mankind causes apocalyptic climate change, global warming, a new ice age, life-destroying acid rain or whatever term is in vogue with environmentalists. Your remark that anyone who disagrees likely is a Creationist allows me to say climate-change believers likely are devil-worshipping, racist pedophiles. If you are not in that group, AC, can you prove it?

Patience is a great virtue.

Stop being an asshole who puts words in my mouth, Don.

If he stops will you? Asshole?

Yes, you are an asshole, Billy.

As the oceans warm, they expand slightly, hence the level rises; and as ice melts and joins the ocean, the ocean level also rises. The end result is an indisputable rise in ocean level. It's not under debate. It IS happening. Argue with the wiki if you continue to be obstinate:

Go to the "Talk" section and tell them they're all fools. Yeah, that'll work.

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