Watch for exploding liberal heads

Liberals love American made cars-Tesla is American made
Liberals love alternative energy- Tesla is all electric
Liberals love forced unions- uh oh Tesla is setting it's new factory in Nevada, a right to work state. DUCK!!!!

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Sorry to disappoint you FRED LEFEEBLE, but no LLLLLiberal is going to be surprised at this:

"Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said previously that the winning state would be expected to provide a tax incentives worth about $400 million"

Gee, a "job creator" as you call rich people says "who will race to the bottom to give me tax breaks for me to put jobs in your state?"

Guess we'll see how well losing $400 million in taxes works out for Nevada.

NOT NEWS FLASH FOR FRED LEFEEBLE: Tesla is listed on NASDAQ. NOT trying to find the best deal that makes the most money would result in a SHAREHOLDER LAWSUIT against Tesla. That's how publicly traded corporations work.

That was the first thought I had, kinda. This shouldn't be about exploding Liberal heads. This should be imploding citizen wallets. If an employer demands a $400 million tax break and he gets it, then:

1. Obviously taxes in that state are too high. The state just clearly admitted it when it issued the tax break.

2. Obviously taxpayers in that state are being treated unfairly, i.e. one taxpayer gets a break but another does not.

Nevada citizens should promptly vote OUT the guys who granted the tax breaks and vote IN guys who will cut taxes for everyone, employer and employee, rich and poor.

Funny that you ASS-ert that taxes in Nevada have to be TOO HIGH. Nevada has no individual or corporate income tax, moron. That leaves sales and property taxes, which you LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE because they're fully regressive and because you're a moron probably on a fixed income who doesn't look at the sales tax line on your receipts as being to blame on why you couldn't afford your package of Depends.

Sadly I must repeat my words since you clearly missed the point:

"If an employer demands a $400 million tax break and he gets it, then obviously taxes in that state are too high. The state just clearly admitted it when it issued the tax break."

The same principle applies when you get a discount or price break on a product or service. That implies the original price is too high.

Capitalism really does work, you Liberal monster. It works when you LET IT WORK.

The state didn't admit anything, you Conservatard Moron. You ASSume that the politicians are rational actors and that they are acting in the interest of the people, and that's wrong from the start because if they were, there wouldn't be any tax breaks given because there ALREADY wouldn't be taxes that are too high on the people. How many times have politicians given away the kitchen sink to lure or keep some employer? Didn't Toledo essentially suck Jeep's cock for them to stay here? Are you in denial of all the examples of politicians giving away tax breaks and then getting kick-backs or other bribes and so on? Or is that sort of behavior solely limited to LLLLiberal politicans in your Conservatard fictional world where Conservatard shit doesn't stink and no Conservatard would EVER make a deal with an employer for tax breaks that's either corrupt or stupid?

I'll continue to expand on the issue, assuming you can follow English:

"When a taxing authority hands out a tax break, it admits by implication that the overall tax level is too high."

As said by the great Christopher Walken in the movie "True Romance": "Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothin', but you're tellin me everything."

No, it doesn't admit.

Taxing authorities are run by politicians.

Politicians will do whatever they think will get them elected, even if it means handing out tax breaks like Halloween candy. Even if the tax level is too low as it is. Then they'll make cuts or add on fees or something to make up for their tax breaks without ever admitting that the tax breaks were a bad idea.

I'm sorry your thick Republican skull won't accept this concept, but it's true. You just merely excuse-for-think that any time there's a tax break, that automatically means the tax level is too high. For morons like yourself, the ideal tax rate is less than or equal to 0% and we should live in a world where the minute your car crosses the plane of your property onto the road you are charged by Private Road Corporation and where when you dial 911 you are prompted to select from a menu of companies providing emergency services in your area, and then to enter your credit card number.

Snow Crash and Jennifer Government are not how-to books, moron, and your idol Ayn Rand was an atheist who had no problem sucking the teat of Social Security.

I once witnessed an exploding liberal head. I was behind a woman in line at Krogers who was wearing a "Hope and Change" t-shirt, and she became enraged when she wasn't allowed to buy wine with her food stamp card. Her head exploded right there in the 10 ITEMS OR LESS checkout line. Funniest thing--no brain matter spewed from her head.

Conservative heads can't explode due to the vacuum inside that also necessitates an extreme cranial thickness.

Obviously this is a fable or Galt has moved from his suburban fairyland to a urban jungle.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

No--it really happened--really.

Jeanine Shaheen is criticizing the President while also indicating he wants to see a strong military role with ISIS.

I think her head did explode.

Al Franken wrote a letter to the Attorney General about ISIS. I guess he thinks the DoJ should go to Iraq and arrest them. I'll label his head as about to explode.


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