Is Pope Francis a Communist?

Some conservatives are labeling recent comments from Pope Francis as an indication that the pope is a Communist. I have included a few links with differing points of view.

I lead with Rush Limbaugh:

Here is an article from CNBC showing the concern of at least one wealthy Catholic donor. Is this a form of extortion? You be the judge.

Finally, what I assume to be the official Catholic response:

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Nah, I think most pontiffs lean toward fascism. The top-down form of government is actually reflected in how the Vatican rules its subjects, including a prohibition on members of a local church having a say on who fills the post of parish priest.

Patience is a great virtue.

But, I was led to understand that the Pope is infallible in religious manners. How can this be? Of course, I haven't felt an earthquake yet. Maybe the Pope is right!

What's next? Will Pope Francis marry any gay or lesbian couples?

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