Is It Starting?

Federal armed officers fired on a militia member, on private property. After at least four shots, they ordered the militia member to drop his gun. The militia member did exactly as he was told--he dropped his gun, and it seems nobody was harmed. If a cop is shooting at me, and stopped shooting long enough to say: "G-man, lose the piece", I'd do just exactly that and let the gun drop to the ground. I'd hate to see the headlines in the paper saying something like: "G-Man, known locally as G-Man, the Gentle Giant, died today after a shoot-out with Federal Officers."

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The militia member was apparently not "well-regulated". Being an armed vigilante near the scene of a crime is not a wise idea.

Of course it isn't a wise idea. Likewise, it isn't a good idea to take the position that the cops have no business telling someone what to do, or not do. This incident highlights why I don't have a gun, and wouldn't argue with an armed police officer. Things are far too volatile in todays' social climate. I think the best way to handle police problems, is to call my lawyer.

I have posted this before. I used to tell my students how stupid it was to get into an argument/confrontation with anyone who straps on a gun every morning, is trained how to use it, and is authorized to do so. I tried to teach them to respect all authority figures, especially the ones who are legally armed!

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