The can't-do president?

A leading right-wing newspaper continues its unjustified attacks on President Obama's performance in the foreign arena. Oh wait ...

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Oh, so today is Obama is lazy and shiftless day.

Can't wait for tomorrow's posts from you guys on how Obama is an evil dictator working tirelessly to turn the USA into a commusocialisfascistic nation or something like that.

Actually, every day is "lazy and shiftless day" for Obama. Fore!

more than any other POTUS.

As you can read, if you choose, Eisenhower shot about 800 rounds of golf in his 8 years as POTUS!! He averaged about 4 rounds of golf for every 1 round played by Obama. Even Bill Clinton played more golf than has Obama!

Read and learn.
Sorry about posting facts. I know how much ideologues HATE facts. Don't let these nasty facts get in the way of your opinion, aka Galt!

So now you are comparing two low level schlemiels like Clinton and Obima to IKE? Let me get this straight, Clinton was, as an Admiral in the US navy said:"a pot smoking, draft dodging womanizer." The other one is a community organizer who never faced a responsibility(or tough question) he couldn't shirk. IKE was a five star general( and Commander of the ETO) who accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Sir, you should be ashamed of yourself! On more thing, IKE also ordered the Army to photograph the atrocities in the concentration camps in order to keep the "it never happened" crowd from denying it.

you just don't get it!

I was NOT comparing the men. I was comparing the idiocy of criticizing Obama for PLAYING GOLF. I was comparing the AMOUNT OF GOLF each POTUS played, as POTUS!

As President, no President since World War II did better than Clinton in his 8 years. Ike was better than many believed at the time, but he was a better general than he was a POTUS. Please don't start with the personal integrity argument. I guess that you never heard of Kay Summersby, huh. Look it up!

I wish I had nothing better to do with my time than to compare who plays more golf than the other. What integrity issue that YOU brought up, am I not to address?

Ike had it made. Summersby was his "personal assistant" virtually all the time he was commander in Europe. Do I really care? NO!!! Most people who are in power positions have others of their same sexual orientation who want to be with them in that way. Few can resist. If you really judge a POTUS on personal integrity rather than how that person did the job, Carter is probably the best we EVER had; at least since Washington. I REALLY DON'T CARE! As long as that person does not break the law, all I care about is performance ON THE JOB! That's what I vote for. That's what our tax dollars pay for.

It is modern Republicans who are always trotting out the "family values" issues. And if Republicans don't live up to those values, it's so what? Gingrich and his wives...PLURAL! Sarah [abstinence only] Palin and her unmarried daughter having a love child. But that was good, because Bristol didn't have an abortion after having unprotected sex with someone to whom she was NOT married...and NEVER marrying him...but they stayed together during the 2008 campaign! True love? HAH!! All is forgiven by Republicans if the person is on the Republican side of politics...oops...and NOT a RINO!
Integrity? Give me a break!

Dale, let the racist Tea-tarded asshole do his thing. I mean, seriously, these guys HAVE to have their daily Two Minutes Hate Circle Jerk because they are so bitter from everything the Rich Conservatives told them being a lie that their little brains can't handle facts and reality.

Seriously, these fucksticks got outraged at Obama putting his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office. But NOT ONE FUCKING PEEP WHEN BUSH DID IT NOR ONE WORD OF APOLOGY OR ADMITTANCE THAT THEY HAVE A DOUBLE STANDARD WHEN YOU SHOW THEM PROOF BUSH DID IT.

Oh, and if we're gonna talk about Obama's "optics":

They don't give a flying fuck at a rolling donut about actual facts or history or anything else other than their bitter resentment that a black Democrat is in the White House upon whom they can blame all their personal failures for not being rich white millionaires like their idols, the Koch brothers.


That's right. When Bush did it, it was okay and patriotic and bald eagles shed happy tears of joy. When Obama does the same thing, it's worse than anything ever in the history of Earth.

And don't forget that whatever Saint Ronaldus Maximus Reagan did is beatified.

This is why I'm ANTI-REPUBLICAN instead of "liberal" or "pro-democrat", because the GOP has been taken over by asshole hypocrites like yourself who are just like that asshole hypocrite Stainbrook so much that you fight each other over who can be the biggest asshole hypocrite. Your shit doesn't stink and you and your guys can do no wrong but anyone whom you disagree with (usually because they're not WASP rich conservative men) can never do anything right EVER. So instead of shutting the fuck up and being smart enough to realize you're living in a glass house, you continually throw stones at everyone that's not a WASP rich conservative man (and when you run out of stones, you start shitting in your hands and flinging it in desperation).

You morons: "Herp derp Obama's on vacation and out golfing! WORST PRESIDENT EVER!"
Rational people: "Um, you ignorant buffoons, here's how much time Bush and Reagan spent on vacation and a timeline of what they were doing during various events in their presidencies. You might want to rethink your attack because you look like hypocritical dumbasses with no ideas and no plans other than to throw shit at Obama and see if anything will stick."
You morons: "Derp herp 'but but BUSH' herp derp where's YOUR plan, huh? I know you are but what am I? Herp derp OBAMA ISN'T A LEADER, I WISH PUTIN WAS OUR LEADER! Derp herp derp OMG OBAMA IS AN EVIL FOREIGN-BORN DICTATOR ENACTING SHARIA LAW THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDERS!! Herp derp!
Rational people: ::facepalm:: and these morons found the Internet and they vote? We're fucked.

AC, I'm guessing you're relieved that Dale and others have taken the conversation away from your "lazy and shiftless" comment regarding President Obama. It also allowed you to copy and paste your now tiresome screed against Bush, Republicans and the Tea Party, hoping to keep the conversation permanently off course. But make no mistake, Zeit, I and others noticed your Freudian slip and are now reasonably certain that you have strong antipathy for the president because he happens to be African American. Ah well, the racist attitudes of many white liberals always eventually emerge, don't they? Did you think none of us had suspicions about you? Did you think we haven't noticed that you never have anything positive to say about President Obama and always revert to tirades about Bush and the GOP in an attempt to disguise your real feelings? Your bigotry has been exposed. Calling others racist to cloak your own racist attitude no longer works.

Patience is a great virtue.

The way he uses the word "racist", like every third or fourth word in whatever he writes, tells me that maybe he got in some kind of trouble along racial lines.

Don, apparently you suffer from reading comprehension problems. That was no Freudian slip, that was a deliberate remark NOT calling Obama "lazy and shiftless", but calling attention to YOU and YOUR TEABAG FRIENDS' continued dog-whistle racist attacks on Obama as being just that.

I have no problem with people of any race, religion, gender/sexual preference, or anything except those people who are either completely fucking stupid or complete assholes... and guess what makes up a good chunk of the current conservative voter base?

Keep on projecting your own issue onto me with this "Freudian slip" bullshit. That's going to do NOTHING to walk back the continued hypocritical and paradoxical attacks on Obama. Any RATIONAL being will comprehend that when you and the Fox News/talk radio propaganda machine flip-flop from "Obama's a do-nothing lazy President golfing 6 rounds a day" to "Obama's an evil dictator working tirelessly to destroy America" every few days, you are making a complete bullshit argument where you try to have two mutually exclusive things at the same time.

Sorry, AC, you betrayed your own ruse. I called attention to a Post editorial that expressed alarm over the disconnect between messages from the president and those of his senior administration officials and you respond with the bizarre and totally uncalled for "lazy and shiftless" description. And then you wimpishly say that's what some of us were thinking. What other derogatory words and phrases do you privately use against President Obama that you wish to project onto others?

Patience is a great virtue.

Keep projecting, Don, and while you're at it, why don't you address this use by your best buddy:

" Correction...
Submitted by Galt on Sat, 2014-08-30 16:02.

Actually, every day is "lazy and shiftless day" for Obama. Fore!"

Bit of an image problem there that you let your buddy Galt use it in perfect context. Are you thereby admitting that you yourself believe that about Obama? Obviously it's what Galt is thinking, since he clearly said it in context.

Please do keep continue to take my comment out of context to use it against me, since you continue to ignore the satirical nature of pointing out how YOU and YOUR SIDE attack Obama one day for "not being a leader" and "being on vacation" and "golfing every day" and then turn around and attack him for "turning America into a dictatorship" and "being an tyrant" and "his imperial presidency".

Are you going to take offense at Galt's clearly racist, in-context usage, or are you going to keep projecting your own issues onto me in order to deflect attention from the racist beliefs of others.

By the way, if, as others accuse of me, I LOOOOOOVE Obama, then exactly why would I have a problem with his race? Oh crap, guess that just shot down your entire argument that I'm a racist who uses these terms to describe Obama. Hey everyone, another fine example of a Republican on this board trying to have it both ways with a self-contradictory argument! Thanks Don for damaging your credibility again!

Actually, I think it's Dalepertcheck who doesn't get it. It isn't golfing that makes Obama a shiftless and lazy President--rather, Obama is a shiftless and lazy President who happens to golf.

Annnnd no comment about Galt's choice of words from Don.

If someone chooses to parrot your hate speech, AC, that's on him.

Patience is a great virtue.

"Lazy and shiftless." What a surprising and troubling choice of words you use to describe the president, even though no one else has used that phrase and even though you tried (but failed) to make it seem as if someone else first used that slur from the '50s. What in the world caused those three words to spring to your mind, AC? I hate to say this, but it appears you're dealing with some latent bigotry issues that momentarily were exposed.

Patience is a great virtue.

I'm not describing the president, I'm paraphrasing your description of the president into bigoted terms waiting for you or someone else to mindlessly attack Obama again. But that's not trolling according to a certain other poster, because you can only troll by posting stories, not comments per that poster's words.

The bigoted terms came from your head...not from anything posted in this thread...also of note is that since you cannot attack the attack the poster...implying he is somehow racist.

Is the article false or not?

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

Funny thing but your buddy Galt repeated it as a slur against Obama. Another Racist Republican revealed!

Isn't paraphrasing what other people NEVER SAID exactly what got your dumb ass kicked off Toledo talk?

Like EXACTLY that????

Funny thing but your buddy Galt repeated it as a slur against Obama. Another Racist Republican revealed!

There was another good question. Why is it you only say things about other posters or conservatives. Why is it you never point out your presidents accomplishments?

Should we all act like parasitic cowards and assume you hate blacks because of that?

Or is it because its with all parasitic relationships, dependence will always breed contempt?

Because you do make it brutally obvious that you are both highly contemptuous and parasitic.

I'm not pro-Obama or pro-Democrat, you ignorant moron. I'm anti-Tea Party, anti-GOP, and anti-conservative, based on what the Tea Party is and the GOP and conservative movement have become. So no, I'm not here to praise Obama, I'm here to shine a big fucking spotlight on all that is wrong with the conservative side of things, and that includes morons like yourself who mindlessly defend the conservative status quo instead of doing things to fix it. At least Chris gets points for trying to scrub The Stain from the local GOP, what are you doing to make the GOP actually be a viable party that doesn't rely solely on old white men and bigots to vote for it? Are you doing anything to make the GOP not be a pack of pants-on-fire flaming hypocrites when they say they're going to get government out of peoples' lives and then enact gay marriage bans and other social agenda bullshit? Fuck no you aren't doing a goddamn thing except randomly showing up here to make little shitty snide comments attacking me. You're part of the problem with the GOP, one of the brainwashed little punks they riled up with BS propaganda in order to robotically vote GOP party line and repeat whatever crap you were told by Fox News and talk radio.

THAT is why you're not seeing me cheerlead the Dems. I keep telling you dumbasses exactly what you're doing wrong and how you're going to lose an entire generation, maybe two, of voters, and you're sitting there getting mad at ME for exposing all the bullshit you got tricked into believing and how hypocritical you guys really are.

Time was when you morons would have jumped all over "green" energy and alternative fuels as being American ingenuity to stick it to the "Arabs" and OPEC in the Middle East. Instead, you guys became the biggest whores ever and climbed in bed with whomever offered you the biggest roll of cash. Hell, you guys were SELLING TO BOTH SIDES OF THE SAME WAR cause your pimp, the Military-Industiral Complex, made mad bank off of it. Then, after most people forgot about that sort of thing, you proceeded to charge up two more wars on the Federal Credit Card because your Moron-in-Chief thought it wiser to waste taxpayer dollars to read My Pet Goat to kids in FLORIDA than to pay attention to a PDB telling him Osama bin Laden was hellbent on attacking the USA.

Why don't you guys stop being so fucking butthurt that Dick and Bush deceived you and fucked everything up, knock off the hypocritical attacks on Obama, and, you know, MOVE ON? (oh snap!) Suck it the fuck up, take your lumps, be careful to act honorably and not hypocritically, and above all remember that this is the Internet era and when you say anything it's likely going to be archived for all eternity so don't tell us all about how you're all for individual freedom and government off our backs and less regulation on businesses and then try passing gay marriage bans and everything else in direct conflict of bare GOP principles.

In hindsight, a LOT of Americans are criticizing Obama for NOT getting us more involved in the Syrian rebellion against Assad. Now, Assad is a really bad guy. That is true. But Obama kept getting information about how fractured the opposition to Assad was. And there was strong evidence that extremists [read ISIS or ISIL here] were in danger of taking over the movement, and procuring many of the weapons we would be sending to those who opposed Assad.
Remember which side the U.S. was on in the Afghan War with the former Soviet Union? We supported the Afghan "freedom fighters." And, which group emerged from the "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan and took over the country? The Taliban! And how did they do it? With U.S. weapons, at least partially. And whom did we end up fighting against in Afghanistan? The Taliban. And which group still controls much of the Afghan countryside and is threatening to take the country back? The Taliban!
Now, am I just all in a dream world here? Is there any validity to what I write? Here is a link to a very recent article featuring the King of Saudi Arabia. Did the Saudis take a stand against Assad in Syria? They sure did! And who obtained a LOT of the weapons the Saudis sent to the Syrian opposition? ISIS/ISIL! Now, King Abdullah is in denial of this, but it is hard to imagine ISIS/ISIL being so successful without at least a significant amount of these Saudi-supplied weapons.
You read and judge for yourself.

Of course, NOW the Saudis are all worried about ISIS/ISIL and other extremists attacking in Europe and/or North America because the Saudis do not want a major disruption in world economic trade from which they derive their great wealth. Talk about "shutting the barn door after the horses have gotten out!"

The problem with both scenarios Dale is the US, when getting involved with a conflict with another nation, needs to come out with a clear policy that supports our overall strategy.

In Syria, the President didn't give forth a clear strategy, just "redlines" that were meaningless because when they were crossed he did nothing. Had the US given a policy that we support those against the Assad regime who support freedom for all especially religious tolerance then we'd be somewhere. What we actually did was make empty statements and we actually supported no one. So when ISIS started to gain momentum all of the rebels fell in line behind them.

Of course Saudia Arabia is now taking a stand. This has been in motion since 2009. They developed a group called the GCC and right now it's not SA who's threatened it's Jordan. Jordan, who does not have wealth BTW. But if you think it's just SA then you're ignoring everything else happening. Who are the two countries bombing religious extremists in Lybia? It's not the US and it's not SA.

Policy is derived from strategy. It supports it. As we know now the President has no strategy, and hasn't for a while. He just reacts, and his reactions are weak and frail.


"In Syria, the President didn't give forth a clear strategy, just "redlines" that were meaningless because when they were crossed he did nothing. Had the US given a policy that we support those against the Assad regime who support freedom for all especially religious tolerance then we'd be somewhere. What we actually did was make empty statements and we actually supported no one. So when ISIS started to gain momentum all of the rebels fell in line behind them."

Yeah, because your fucking Republican traitors threatened to impeach Obama if he did anything at all. Do I really need to post the links of Republicans who threatened impeachment? Why are you Republican traitors afraid to stand behind the President on anything? Oh, that's right, you'll be kicked out of office by your blindly rabid core voting demographic.

Stop trying to have it both ways, Mikey. Obama gets Obamacare passed straight out of the conservative playbook and wish list and you guys shit bricks and hate it. Hell, you clowns had Mitch McConnell filibuster HIS OWN BILL when it turned out Democrats supported it! Simply put, you guys are a pile of whiny petulant children and neither Obama nor anyone who looks even remotely like a Dem can do ANYTHING right in your eyes.

So tell us, oh great foreign policy expert, exactly what Obama was supposed to do to make YOU happy. I'll enjoy you being ripped apart for being a RINO and Obama supporter by your fellow rabid Republicans.

"Yeah, because your fucking Republican traitors threatened to impeach Obama if he did anything at all." No they didn't. Several high ranking Republicans supported him taking action on Syria. Specifically Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

The rest of your post until the last paragraph is whining so I will chose not to engage it.

"So tell us, oh great foreign policy expert, exactly what Obama was supposed to do to make YOU happy. I'll enjoy you being ripped apart for being a RINO and Obama supporter by your fellow rabid Republicans." First of not afraid of debate, especially within my party.

Second, what should he do. Make a clear statement that he'd support any internal rebels who support religious tolerance. Support them with foreign advisors, food, and medical supplies. Also support the refugee effort, establish temporary military bases within the area in any place that will have us support the effort like Turkey and Jordan.

With Ukraine it's much easier. Restart the defense missle shield, fast track with former Warsaw Pact countries to join NATO. Countries such as Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Khazakstan, Uzbekestan, Georgia, etc. Give them all foreign advisors as well as military aid packages. Sign trade agreements to further strengthen our relationships with them. Isolate Russia and it's economy.

That's what I'd do. Strategy creates the policy.


Apparently there are several possibilities.

1) Senator Menendez is going to become a war hawk Republican -

2) What I spoke of was actually bipartisan and makes sense.

3) AC is an Obama apologist who really doesn't understand US foreign policy and how it fits into the world we live.

Which scenario do you think is true?


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