Democrats Prosecutorial abuses

As I predicted Texas Governor Rick Perry's attorney's have filed to have the case dismissed outright with prejudice. Go to the link to read the writ.

I must say this is one of the best writs I've seen in a while. It details why using the courts for political reasons is a bad idea and the freedoms it attacks on us and our political system.

They detail how the prosecution is an attack on free speech, our legislative process (because a veto is recognized as a legislative process), ownership of property. The only thing I didn't see in there is how the prosecutor details the employees of the unit as property which must mean the prosecutor believes people can be property... so technically he's arguing FOR slavery. LOL

Also as I expected this has served to only heighten Perry's stature. Where did he visit and talk about the case? That's right folks New Hampshire. Wonder why that is?

But this is not the only recent example of how the Dems have tried to use a prosecutor to do what they cannot in the voting booth.

The attempted prosecution of Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin not only ended in 3 separate courts outlining the abuse of power and waste of taxpayer money but also shows us how irresponsible government can hurt private individuals. Private individuals were asked for their bank statements and emails based upon something that a federal court had already told the prosecutor wasn't even illegal if it had been done.

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