Europe To Arm Kurds

Germany, UK, France to ship arms to Kurds! It's about time for Europe to help out.

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These Countries along with Ukraine should form a Union, separate from NATO, for their mutual defense. They all have serious business interests in the Middle East, and they know the US will do little or nothing to help them in case serious trouble erupts. Two of the Countries have nuclear weapons, France/Germany build jet fighters second to none, English Special Forces are excellent, Germany is the leading submarine builder in the world, and their main battle tank is one of the best made, too.

greater than are ours. It's long past time for them to step up and do their parts. The United States has been the primary force in this part of the world for more than 70 years! France, Germany, and the UK are no longer devastated nations rebuilding after the worst war in history. Let them take the lead here. That's truly shared world leadership.

Not only that, see how they bitch when they start paying for their OWN defense. Those billions should be spent on US for a change.

Hear, hear!

I didn't see in the link the type of arms being shipped. I hope they're effective.

Patience is a great virtue.

Don, I've checked at least a dozen links, and all I could find is they're sending arms and ammunition. I get a sense of that meaning small arms(under .50 caliber) and ammo for them. That would mean(IMHO)rifles, pistols, belt fed machine guns, and so on. Maybe grenades and RPGs also?

Gman you are on point. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are both close allies with the US. They don't want a religious caliphate from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean which is ISIS stated goal.

While both are close US allies they are not keen on the Kurds having their own country. However the Kurds have proven to be much more peaceful and tolerant to even other Muslims so they would be much more open to a Kurdish state than an ISIS one.


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