Natural gas execs fear they’re next for regs

They are probably correct in their fears….
Check it out:

Natural gas producers are keeping quiet about the controversial power plant rules from President Obama, fearing they could become the next target of federal regulators.

At least in the short term, a government-forced shift away from coal power would be a boon for the natural gas industry, which is already experiencing a renaissance thanks to advances in the drilling technique of fracking.

The Obama administration has predicted natural gas would gobble up 32 percent of the electricity market by 2030 under the regulations — enough to eclipse coal as the nation’s top power source.
But business groups up and down the natural gas supply chain are wary of what comes next as the administration strengthens regulations on greenhouse gas emitters to combat climate change.

Randy Albert, a former executive for Consol Energy Inc.’s natural gas business, said charges from Republicans and some coal-state Democrats that the Obama administration is fighting a “war on coal” are not far off.


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No one burns coal cleaner than the United States of America. No measurable improvement in air quailty will result from stricter EPA standards, but we can count on thousands of mining-related jobs to disappear and our residential and commercial energy bills to skyrocket. Perhaps the administration wants to make more unemployed people government-dependent and sees the coming energy rate hikes as good reason for the federal government to step in and take ownership of that sector. Call it Obamavolts. "If you like your power plant, you can keep your power plant ..."

Patience is a great virtue.

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