Eric Holder going to Ferguson

Eric Holder stated he has a very personal interest in this case. Is it personal enough to go there and dictate how he thinks the case should proceed? Holder did demand that the video of Brown's strong armed robbery not be shown. Seems to me he has already convicted the Officer in his mind. Where is he on everything else criminal.He sees no other violations in the administration though,

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Judges rarely allow "similar acts" testimony during a criminal trial, so Holder's call on the video is a good one. Unless the officer's defenders will contend that the teenager felt so guilty about taking the cigars that he resorted to suicide-by-cop, the incidents are totally unrelated.

Patience is a great virtue.

The problem is Don is that this is not a "similar acts" case.

The Ferguson PD put forth the Officer's side, which was that the call on the robbery came immediately after the cop's initial interaction with the two men and then put the vehicle in reverse to confront them but this time as suspects in the robbery. Now the call going out would be timestamped so we can easily see if it matches up with the timeline and determine if the Officer is telling the truth or not. We will see.



How can the officer "confront them" "this time as suspects in the robbery" when the CHIEF OF PIGSPOLICE SAYS THE OFFICER HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE SUSPECTS?!?!

Sorry to break your heart yet again AC.

"Jackson said the officer was aware cigars had been taken in the robbery of a store nearby, but did not know when he encountered Brown and Dorian Johnson that they might be suspects. He stopped them because they were walking in the street, Jackson said.

But Jackson told the Post-Dispatch that the officer, Darren Wilson, saw cigars in Brown's hand and realized he might be the robber."



Isn't it funny how the story keeps changing?

Check the date.

It came from the same press conference as the other story. Some media outlets chose not to report that for some reason.

Unless if you're saying the St. Louis Dispatch made it up?


show's his mentality at the time, therefore the extension of such, possibly toward the officer could possibly be related. I can almost guarantee you this officer didn't just shoot Michael Brown 6 times for the hell of it. Now whether he was justified in doing so, remains to be seen. By that I mean, what action did Brown take to justify in the officer's mind that he could shoot.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Being bumrushed would cause anyone to worry, when the person was 6'3" and weighed 280 lbs.

Like they say on "Law and Order", the tape "goes to character".

Speaking about character--look what the Gentle Giant did to the officers' face!

If it all went down like its panning out, and seeing the video of Brown, this guy was a thug. Strong armed robbery, and then, FU cop, I'll beat your ass, you not going to shoot me bitch, type attitude. Shit going to hit the fan, if no indictment comes down. Holder is going to throw his influence around and put the pressure on officials.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

It's hard to imagine an 18-year-old suddenly deciding to become a punk criminal. If his nickname really was "Gentle Giant," something is amiss in some of these incident descriptions. Has anyone read anything about Brown's recent past or whether his juvey records might have been sealed or expunged?

Patience is a great virtue.

It wasn't all of a sudden. He took a few more minutes to rough up a clerk, talk smack to shoppers, etc. Still, things looked a little too quick to me, as well. He may have been acting like that all day.

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