Detroit PD Chief: Buy Guns!

Although I don't have a gun, this advice might persuade me to get one!

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The Ferguson affair is making it perfectly clear to Americans that when push comes to shove, the police will stand off while they watch thugs kick in your doors, loot you, then set your property on fire.

The Korean shop-owners in LA during their riots had the right idea; show up with rifles and pistols, and start firing on the looters.

The police will NOT protect you during a riot; for reasons of cowardice or politics, they will stand down or stand off, leaving you to be robbed, raped, killed or burned out. Hence you should be armed and you should be ready to kill. Don't shoot to wound; shoot to kill. (Wear a mask and pick up your brass.) Since the police will be under a stand-down order, you can kill rioters with impunity. Remember the pattern: Two shots to the center of mass, then another shot to the head when they fall. Always take a pistol along for the coup de grace, since a 9mm pistol cartridge is a lot cheaper than a rifle cartridge.

Sounds like you're fantasizing, GZ. I'll bet your all-time favorite movie is Michael Douglas' "Falling Down."

Patience is a great virtue.

No no, that's his SECOND favorite movie, his first is Red Dawn.

I always liked "Dirty Harry".

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