Brown Shot Six Times--All Six Shots Entered In The Front Of His Body

This is from the doctor the Brown family hired to conduct a second autopsy. Twice in the head, and four in his arm. More to follow later, as the statement was issued five minutes ago. I kept hearing Mr. Brown was shot trying to get away from the cop.

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I'm told police handguns can fire six bullets in the blink of the eye, so long as the finger remains on the trigger. It's probable that Brown's head was shot after he slumped from the initial bullet wounds. Several years ago a Toledo cop shot and killed a black man who had been called to the passenger side of the patrol car, then purportedly flashed a knife at the officer. Also several years ago, a black woman who lived in a Toledo group home was shot several times and killed by a cop. Both victims had gun wounds to the tops of their heads, indicating they were collapsing when the final bullets were fired. Both incidents pointed to questionable behavior by the cops. Officers are not supposed to call a person to the passenger side of the car because it compromises the officer's safety and creates the possibility of having to use deadly force. In the other case, the woman had gone to her room while police were responding to a call. She had harmed no one but allegedly displayed a pair of craft scissors in a threatening manner. It could have ended without harm to anyone, but the officer burst into the room, tased the woman while she lay in bed, then shot her repeatedly when she got up to confront the cop. One has to wonder whether the Toledo man and woman -- and Brown in Ferguson -- might have survived wounds only to their bodies if police weapons did not fire with such rapidity.

Patience is a great virtue.

What the article didn't say was that Brown was fleeing backwards when he was shot six times.

Have you contacted the Ferguson Police Department so you can give your eyewitness testimony?



I knew you were all-knowing, Zey, but not all-seeing as well.

Patience is a great virtue.

I know you always refuse to cite your sources, but CNN has released evidence just the opposite of what you claim. My source is CNN. What is yours?

Witnesses in Furgeson.

versions of what happened. Maybe you know Zey, I seen here that you are all seeing and knowing.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Most people run backwards from the police, crime scenes, etc.

Turns out we will know what happened. Exactly what happened.

"The source also said the dashboard and body cameras, which might have recorded crucial evidence, had been ordered by Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson, but had only recently arrived and had not yet been deployed."


How will we know what happened when THE CAMERAS WERE NOT DEPLOYED? Are you stupid?

Remember, MikeyA is the king of buffoons, and his posts prove it.

Or he's trolling and Chris is letting him get away with it because Mikey is an avowed Republican soldier wasting our tax dollars to push the Republican agenda from inside the military-industrial complex.

He's trolling, and keeps catching carp.

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