Toledo is nearing point of no return


As of 11:45 August 16, the following crimes have been committed in Toledo:

~Anthony Horton was badly beaten on Buckingham Street

~Hakeem Johnson was shot on Nevada Street

~A teenager was shot on Chestnut and Noble Streets

~Tyrell Jones was shot on Franklin Street and Woodruff Avenue

There was a time in the City's history, before undesirables inhabited many of its neighborhoods, that just one of these occurrences in the course of a day would be big news. Now it's met with a yawn.

What happened? In the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Toledo was a manufacturing hub where people were able to get secure factory jobs with just a high school diploma. The City attracted low/no-skill workers from lower-class backgrounds who didn't possess any burning desire to better themselves--just to get a paycheck and head to the bar after work.

Then the factories closed. So what's Toledo left with? A group of people whose families may have worked hard in their day, but who never valued education and weren't motivated to gain a skill.

My cousin tells the story of when he worked at one of the local colleges that attempted to attract a cohort of Jeep workers to get their college degrees. They would start by working toward an associate's and then a bachelor's degree. The courses would be taught at the plant at times convenient to work schedules. Everything was paid for by the company (tuition, fees, and textbooks). They needed a minimum of 10 students in order to run the program. They never got enough students.

Realistically, you've got to change the people in order to change the City. That's why Detroit, St. Louis, Gary, etc. aren't going to rebound. You've got to "police" the undesirables out. Make them want to go to the friendlier confines of Detroit. It can be done, but not with spineless politicians.

I work in an environment where everyone has a college degree and has a good-paying job. Not one of my fellow workers lives in Toledo.

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Galt, at times you're so dense that you make a neutron star jealous.

Education doesn't actually create jobs. Capital investment does.

Toledoans know deep in their gut that the time of growth is over, even if most don't want to admit it. Dirt-cheap petroleum and untapped markets, allowed the previous eras of growth. Those supplies and opportunities are now over, forever. Forever.

There was nothing wrong, ever, with doing your work and then going home or to a bar, enjoying yourself. What was wrong with that lifestyle is if you don't save money for the predictably sparse times that must come ahead. I only blame people for not knowing and for not saving. But their lifestyles are their own; after all, you only get 70-80 years and then you're fucking DEAD, forever. (The REAL forever.) I don't begrudge people who enjoy their time while they're here.

This idea that all you need is to get a college degree and that will fix whatever ails your life, is itself a cultural illness, a sick meme. Wake up, Galt. I can turn on any computer out there and within 10 minutes become "clued in" about any particular topic whatsoever. I did that for the microcystin problem in the Toledo water supply. Information technology was supposed to make education cheap, even easy. Why hasn't it? Well, it has, as a person like myself is a walking example of it. But the Powers That Be in the education industry don't want to let that happen. And the same artificial barrier has hit the medical and legal industries. Infotech should have decimated their ranks and profits. Why didn't it?

The answer is logically obvious: We're ruled by an elite who don't allow certain changes to happen. We even have laws against private, innovative, entrepreneurial medical care and legal practice, and of course the certification system puts a stop to private, innovative, entrepreneurial education. What's left is people having the gumption and resources to do things on their own (like I installed a tooth filling for myself on my own the other day, thereby denying a dentist his "due"), and when it comes to that, it's automatically a very rare thing. Most people do very little to capitalize themselves. There's a lot of reliance on paying other people to get things done. But that interconnection system assumes that people commonly have the money available to hire, or that those services are for sale cheap; neither is true today. We've priced ourselves and regulated ourselves out of a sane, sustainable civilization.

Ah well. At least guns and ammo are still fairly cheap. We're going to need those, if the Ferguson Event is any indication, and it IS. We had our own riots here in Toledo because we continue to ignore the collapse of the local economy. We should be getting rid of much of our local government, since it's obsolete by virtue of its very expense. Housing standards should be reduced to another entire level of minimum. Etc.

And add to this, your denigration of education and credentials.
The sky is falling, Mr. Empty Glass.
Prepare for the apocalypse!

The meek shall inherit the earth because the other clowns have killed themselves off.

I'm not being facetious but am genuinely interested in what the definition of "meek" is.

He imagines Liberals are the "meek". In reality, they are subversive elements and if not checked form the core of a new National Socialist movement. I don't think they'll get that far anymore. The 1990s were really their peak era. Now Americans are too well armed to be pushed around by Liberals anymore.


Thread over, GZ loses.

Like a National Socialist American Workers Party?

You're right GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass. We NEVER want to return to THOSE times again!

One more thing. Clinton was a moderate. He was NEVER a liberal. Clinton formed the Democratic Leadership Council to be a counter-balance to the liberal Democrats.

AND...Not only did Clinton balance the budget, Bill had significant surpluses in his last three budgets. If we had stayed with the Clinton revenue/spending priorities, we were on track to PAY OFF the national debt in one generation. Before Clinton took office, under Reagan and GHW Bush, the national debt TRIPLED. After Clinton left office, under W, the national debt DOUBLED! Now, who was truly a conservative when it came to the federal budget? Not Reagan; not GHW Bush;, not W. It was BILL CLINTON!!
Sorry about using statistics. I know how much ideologues HATE statistics! Facts get in the way of vacuous opinions.

The debt would have been paid off sometime around the end of the Bush years and the start of Obama's second term, if I recall correctly.
First thing Chimpy McFlightsuit did: tax cuts.
Second thing: Go to an expensive war instead of sending in SEAL Team Six to get Osama bin Laden.
Third thing: lots of "Homeland Security" spending to benefit his buddies in the military-industrial complex
Fourth thing: Lie to get us into another expensive war.
Fifth thing: chug a fifth, pass out drunk, and manage to not choke to death on a pretzel
Sixth thing: make sure all the war debt was carried off the books using all the clever accounting tricks he and his people could think of.

I now know that GZ is a mind reader.

And I know how much liberal presidents like getting blowjobs from their multitudes of girlfriends.

when you cannot refute facts! Bill Clinton, statistically, was the most effective POTUS in my lifetime. His personal relationships mean nothing to me, as long as they did not affect the job he was doing for the American people in a negative way.

I could add that the stock market was way up after 8 years of Clinton; way down after 8 years of W; and is way up again under Obama! Even billionaires are better off with a Democratic POTUS!

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