New Black Panthers stated "We don't have a problem with Al-Qaida, we don't have a problem with Islam. We have a problem with White People". Well that just about says it all. They, The NEW Black Panthers would probably join ISIS/Al-Qaida anyway, while all the other Christian blacks get slaughtered. And this is the group that Sharpton and a lot of people in black communities rally with. Oh! and one more thing, some were saying they were looting in St Louis on behalf of Michael Brown. Ok, I get it, lets destroy our community because we have what we feel is an excuse now to do it. Its justified now.

Yeah, Yeah, I know White people side with the KKK on the other end of the spectrum. That's a topic for when they do it. Right now it's the event in St Louis/Ferguson. Note: KEEP YOUR POWDER DRY.

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Have you noticed the drive-bys' aren't calling Mike "Gentle giant, or Sweet Mike" anymore? Something must have happened.

Have you noticed that stealing a box of cigars justifies getting the death penalty.

Actually, if you look at the video he clearly assaults the owner of the store. So it's robbery and assault.

The point is initially we were told he was just walking down the street minding his own business and the cop was "harassing him for being black". We now know that is not the case. So we now can equally question everything else that the Brown side has stated with more than tempered skepticism.

Since, Brown assaulted the store owner, and the police officer has injuries that match someone assaulting him through his patrol car window (which makes more logic than Johnson's statement that the cop tried to pull him through his car window) we can now reasonably deduce that Brown assaulted the Police Officer.

If you read Missouri state law on reasonable force for felony suspects it appears what the cop did was legal.

Now I'm still willing to wait for the forensics to come out on the case. But with each day and each new revelation Brown's side story looks less and less likely to be what actually happened.


The Post has moved it down to the 32nd graph after placing it higher in an earlier version, but it continues to qoute an attorney as saying the cop shot the kid multiple times. Odd that something that explosive would be downplayed by the editors.

Patience is a great virtue.

Johnson state it as well. The lawyer is Johnson's lawyer. Neither mentioned that Johnson was an accomplice to an assault and robbery.


Well, Mikey, since you've already convicted Brown of strong-arm robbery and Johnson of being an accomplice in crime, the shooting by the police officer was justified. Everybody can return to their homes now. I guess we should only regret that police didn't crush Brown under the SWAT team's armored vehicle after he took a bullet or two.

Patience is a great virtue.

Mikey doesn't like the criminal justice system when that "innocent until proven guilty" bit gets in the way, or when grand juries indict people who happen to be white and Republican, since white Republicans can do no wrong ever. Apparently that's what they teach in the military.

MikeyA, have you noticed that if a Black perpetrator raises his hands to surrender that he gets him the death penalty? A group of kids in my neighborhood were playing army. They all had toy guns. One of the kids was Black. We stopped them from playing the game because we knew that if the police cruised through the neighborhood that the Black kid might get shot by the police because the police might say they thought the Black kid had a real gun. Possible end result. One dead nine year old Black Kid and the police claiming justifiable homicide.

LOL Lots of people chiming in telling me what I believe.

Yes Don. I saw the video that was released of Brown reaching over the counter and grabbing the cigars. The owner then confronts him. I've seen the video so that is now established as a fact of the case.

Are you saying the video is faked and the assault never took place?

If you note on the shooting I said I'm still waiting for the forensics to come out. However I watched the video of Johnson and it's now clear that he lied. He said they were just walking and not doing anything. Well, accomplice to an assault (you can see Johnson in the video and he's clearly aware of Brown's actions) is not "not doing anything".

So, since Johnson lied, I can reasonably deduce the rest of his story has a high probability to be false. Because a cop trying to pull a large man through a window doesn't make much sense, however, a large man trying to attack a cop through a cop car does make sense.

These are facts and deductions I made based off of facts.

Not ZC's reaction. He claims that Brown had his hands raised. That is not an established fact. That came from Johnson who's has already lied by omission and thus lacks credibility.

There are still facts of the case that need to be explained. Like why was Brown's body so far away from the police car. That is an interesting fact that does lend credibility to Brown's side but there could be another explanation like him doubling back as others have stated.

So Don before you stop telling me what I believe maybe you should go back and look at my posts. I reserved judgement until I saw the video. That was the first look of any facts we've had in this case and it clearly disputes one of the sides here. I'm still waiting on more forensics on the shooting but to act as if Brown was an innocent person just walking and minding his own business is intellectually dishonest given the established facts.


' I'm still waiting on more forensics on the shooting but to act as if Brown was an innocent person just walking and minding his own business is intellectually dishonest given the established facts."

I agree, and next up should be the toxicology reports.

I'm still trying to still figure out how stealing cigars and pushing a store clerk gets the death penalty.

Maybe you should familiarize yourself with Missouri's law concerning fleeing felony suspects.

One of two parts of the case could make the shooting justified per Missouri law if either is proven to be true.

The first is if it's proven the Officer knew Brown was a suspect in the aggravated robbery. Already the Ferguson PD said that was not the purpose of the stop so if it were learned during the stop i.e. report came over the radio or if the Officer figured it out during questioning.

The second is if Brown attacked the Officer.

This article from Friday discusses it in regards to this case.

Interesting is it appears the article was written before the Friday press conference by the Ferguson PD.


According to the AMA, cigars will kill ya.

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