Why Does Ferguson Have A White Republican Mayor?

If the ratio of Black residents over White residents in the 60%-30% range, why did the White Republican run UNOPPOSED? Maybe this is why. I was a poll observer in the 2008 general election. What I saw was AMAZING! I saw at least 100 folks(after that I quit watching the phenomenon), of every age and persuasion, asking poll workers how to vote for Obama, and Obama only. When the helpers explained how to do that, they pointed out all the other important issues being presented, many of the voters things like "fcck that B-S, I'm not voting for ANYTHING other than Obama."

Is that what is meant by the term "low information voter"? I'll bet it is.

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This is why I no longer give any credibility to national polls. A recent poll, for instance, determined most Americans oppose the president's position on Ukraine. I'm sure half of the naysayers thought they were being asked about a manned mission to a distant planet.

Patience is a great virtue.

down there are saying F Obama, and F Sharpton, saying neither one of them has done anything for us. By the way the Black Panthers said " We don't have a problem with Islam. We don't have a problem with Al-Qaida, we have a problem with WHITE PEOPLE"

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

The Klan probably fixed the election.

and the New Black Panthers and Sharpton who looks like he is on crack is going to help the situation down there, right, NOT. You speak the same language as they do, are YOU a NEW Black Panther member Zey?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I don't think the Black Panther Party would find me acceptable.

Why would a Country that is 72% White elect a Black man as President?

This country is only 48% White, my friend. The 52% majority are Black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American and mixed race. And why would anyone elect a Black President? Because, the Constitution does not forbid electing a Black President.

Dear lord you're ignorant.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau. 77.7% of the population is "White alone" and 62.6% "White alone not Hispanic or Latino." Turn off MSNBC and do a little research.

Lucky for you, I gracefully accept apologies.


Check your sources. Your sources are skewed.


Zey, why is it that you don't realize that when you claim the UNITED STATE CENSUS racial data is "skewed" by almost a factor of two, you fall automatically into the realm of "mega-bozo" who clearly needs to be institutionalized or otherwise medicated by professionals?

I believe that Zeyadcharles has lost sight of the original post that asks how an area whose population is primarily black could elect a white mayor. Rhetorically one could ask (as Galt did) how a Country that is primarily white elect a black President. My take on this is if one assumes there's something fishy about the former, than why couldn't the same be said about the latter?

Also, according to every census report I've seen--ever--more people identify themselves as "white" than any other individual or combined race. Perhaps the link below can provide an explanation as to how the census is conducted and reported.


I haven't googled for Ferguson info but I'd guess it's a sleepy little town, sort of like Monroe, Mich., and being mayor is more about management than pushing to enact an agenda. A pretty dull job, in other words, probably also one lacking the ability to bestow patronage jobs. The recent shooting may do much to enliven the town's political dynamics.

Patience is a great virtue.

I'm wondering if things will enliven enough to get people up off their asses to vote.

I wonder how many people in the US are "Declared White", like George Zimmerman is?

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