Okay Teabaggers, why is there an Impeach Obama booth out front of the Oregon Kroger

Seriously. You have now lost the ability to say that Dems are making it all up.

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They set it up themselves. Or maybe the democratz paid someone else to print it, since so few of them are literate. Liars yes, literate not so much. Any pics, with todays' date on them? When you asked Krogers why it was there, what did they tell you? Did you actually even see the booth?

That's what I thought.

Cussed them out and rant and raved its Bush's fault.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

aCOWARD ,these people have been setting up around the area for at least two years if not more, are you just now finding out about it? They also use a poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache. They are a fringe element of course just like the rabid environerds are a fringe of the Dem party. We all have our kooks. The difference is most of us understand that one booth in front of Kroger doesn't speak for the entire party.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Sounds like someone is paranoid. And it's not just the crazies in front of Kroger.


You're right--setting up an "Impeach Obama" booth in front of a grocery store is ludicrous. Everybody knows it would be more appropriate for the booth to be in front of a golf course. What buffoons!

Has Obama taken too much "time off." (And in the computer age, is a POTUS ever really out-of-touch?)
If Obama has, were you also critical of his predecessor for the same reason? Here's a comparison, at the same time in their Presidencies.


I don't know. Things can be lost in translation over email and text. Apparently the policy of "Don't do stupid stuff" wasn't understood by his staff and he was in the room at the time.


that's bad. But when W did it, it was OK?

Of course.

No Dale.

I have no problem with the President going away from DC. If this President wants to spend 6 months on vacation I have no problem with that actually. He is in better contact with his people than the 99% of the world.

However, my point is the President either 1) doesn't have a clear vision of his policies or 2) cannot communicate a clear vision of his policies. No where is that better displayed than in his convoluted foreign policy or lack thereof and what his top diplomat and her criticism of it.

I will never bash the current President for playing golf. He can do it every day. Hell, I'd like to play with him. I think it's a dumb move and has aided his low approval ratings because it gives a perception. If there were a Republican President I would be very vocal about them playing golf more than usual because I have high expectations of a Republican President.

As for GWB, I had no problem with him spending time on his ranch at all. That wasn't as much of a negative as being shown playing golf when the country is struggling economically. With both examples I have no doubt that both Presidents are in constant contact. Since the President Obama loves his smartphone I have no doubt he's probably in better contact than Bush. Obama IMO has a failed foreign policy because he doesn't know what he wants and thus can't plan and thus only reacts.


You, obviously, did NOT post the negative comments about Obama's "vacations."

That's a job that IMO requires vacations. If I were advising the President I wouldn't take a vacation to Martha's Vineyard, Palm Springs, or Hawaii. I'd stay away from the golf course, or stick to military courses where you can restrict the press and not do photo ops. (the military courses in CA are as beautiful as the private ones, I've played several).

I'd follow his three predecessor's example. The Bushes both went to their homes. It's hard to criticize someone for taking a vacation... at home. It just doesn't stick. Or I'd do what Clinton did. Test where to go with some focus groups. I believe that taking a vacation to the National Parks did more for Clinton's approval rating then airstrikes in Iraq. Americans can relate to both as they say "Hey here's a guy who's like me, who goes to places that don't cost anything, or that enrich your family's life about our countries natural resources and history." Going to the other places I mentioned smacks of elitism.

If I were him I'd consider visiting a US territory to highlight tourism. Places like Guam, Samoa, and Puerto Rico offer ideal tropical climates and gives places like that a sense that they really are a part of the American fold. Many Americans don't realize travel to these places is easier because a Visa is not needed.


The POTUS makes the final decision. Advisors merely move on to new advise.

I'd be more comfortable with the president's vacations if I knew that after over five years in office he had significantly reduced his handicap. Great golfers-in-chief need organizing principles and don't do stupid putts.

Patience is a great virtue.

the "vacation" thing is a non-issue. Obama is doing nothing different in that respect than others who came before him, either recently or in the distant past. I remember well the criticism of Eisenhower for golfing too much back in the 1950s!.


Yes it is a non-issue, but you seem to forget that a lot of people are motivated in judgment by optics.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Good point, DTOM.

Patience is a great virtue.

term, and
dumped Reagan when he ran for a second term, and,
dumped W when he ran for a second term, and
dumped Obama when he ran for a second term.

Only ideologues on the far left AND the far right really seem to care. AND their concern depends upon which political party the POTUS of that time is in.

Another good point, Dale.

Patience is a great virtue.

Thanks, DW!


That's why its time to dump partisan politics and the division of it, and get back to the real way this country should be. Why do we always need some type of tragic event to come together?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

The truth is that partisanship goes back all the way to the Washington Administration. Then VPOTUS John Adams and then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson didn't even want to be in the same room together. And their differences were strictly political!
During the American Revolution, they had been very close friends. Abigail Adams had been almost a surrogate mother to Jefferson's two daughters after their own mother died. At the time of this estrangement, Jefferson wrote a very conciliatory letter to Abigail Adams. She answered him back very curtly, stating that she could no longer be a friend to someone (Jefferson) who had said so many horrible things about her husband.

The degree of partisanship ebbs and flows. It does seem as though we are in a particularly partisan environment right now. People like Eisenhower or Dirksen, even Reagan, would be called RINO by most conservatives today. We have no one quite like Moynihan or Glenn on the other side of the aisle. Too many extremists in both parties equate compromise to surrender. Government governs best from the political center. Compromises are a vital part of life! That's the only way we can move forward together.


Exactly, looks like we need to come to the center with a majority of The People and Government, in order to move forward. The political division among people around the country seems to be getting more extreme, and those extreme views are not going to be easily persuaded to come to the center. Good analogy ,Adams and Jefferson.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Thanks for your admission that Reagan would be called a RINO today, thus proving that it's not that the Left has gone further left, but that the Right has gone far, far right.

And a lot of people's optics are blocked by the fact that their head is up their ass.

Would you like to compare Obama's time off with that of George W. Bush, and where each man was when things went down? I remind you that Dubya set the all-time vacation record AND was out goofing off on 9/11 AND while Katrina was hitting the Gulf Coast. So please do bitch some more about Obama's vacations so you can be the shining example of someone with their head up their ass.



"And a lot of people's optics are blocked by the fact that their head is up their ass."
Don't be so hard on yourself. As far as vacations are concerned, the longer the pres. is out of Washington, the better.

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