City of Toledo Environmental Service Department - Where Are You?

The City of Toledo has an Environmental Services Department that employs more than thirty people, yet we never heard a peep out of them during the water crisis. Ohio EPA has an office in Bowling Green that was involved in the crisis. What was the City of Toledo's Environmental Services Department doing? I have an idea. Maybe they were too busy having one of their daily potlucks or tanning themselves next to their rain garden.

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Zey, I don't know why you're complaining. You Liberals wanted a huge and expensive government staffed with legions of people who just sit behind desks doing the absolute minimum. It appears that you don't understand how minimal that absolute minimum is.

Of course there's a modicum of method in your Liberal madness, in that you can just claim a department is underpaid, understaffed or both, and therefore ultimately requires even more taxation to finally get things done.

I'm not complaining at all. I'm just asking why that department wasn't involved. My guess is, the Department of Environmental Services is worthless.

I think you are entirely correct.

Well, you Liberals wanted a huge and expensive government. This is what happens: It gets filled with people who collect paychecks and do little for them.

I just answered your question. Can you set your disgusting Liberalism aside long enough to acknowledge that?

And what follows that, will be a cry for "new and improved democrats" to straightened out.

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