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Hi everyone, the last 24 hrs have been rough for this site, but since I have not done anything, I suspected it was the host. The host has provided some more information. Apparently this site is hosted on a group of sites that included one dealing with political content relating to the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. One of the groups decided to instigate a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on the Web site that is affecting this site. While that site has been neutralized, it is still affecting the host. I am happy with the host so I don't plan on any changes, so let's ride this one out.; I appreciate your patience.

I took over this thread because it will look silly to make a new one. MikeyA will still get bubble points for this post.

MikeyA writes: Is anyone else experiencing problems with the site? Every time I try to reply it times out almost immediately.

It started about a day and a half ago for me and has happened from three separate "computers"

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Same here, Mikey.

site has been getting hit by spammers, I have done a few things to prevent it, time will tell if it is working.

Chris I hope you didn't mind me flagging my own post. I just thought it could help bring your attention to it faster.


It's taking me three times to get on.

Farmergal is inserting viruses in the software again. If only her IT knowledge were used for good ...

Patience is a great virtue.

wondering who was doing that. Apparently someone hacked the DB and was tracking certain users. Not sure why they picked the users they were following. Was probably the result of a virus and now we know who did it. I will have to send a stern letter to her. Although your hacking days are now behind you I do appreciate the "thief knows a thief" perspective. Thanks Donwert. BTW summer has been good, have you played any games in the gray league this year? I appreciate your phone call assuring me you were legit contrary to other users perspectives and I appreciate the signed baseball card you sent. -CM JK

You CANNOT be serious. REALLY? Or you just decided to give me a hard time for no reason?

I couldn't hack my way out of a dark closet. But because I had a lot of experience with trolls and hackers when WorldNetDaily didn't adequately protect their old message board years ago - I recognize hacking. And have reported my suspicions of hacking on this site - to which your reply was something like, let's not talk about hacking anymore.

I'm going to say it - I TOLD YOU SO.

This MAY have to do with some web providers worrying about Hamas/Israel - but I suspect it is more like websites are getting "denial of service" etc. because of what the prez just did in bringing Ebola into the country. I tried 3 different posts here on THAT topic a couple days ago. I could actually get on the site after many tries (at that time), and even got a reply on a different topic posted. But all 3 Ebola posts would just sit there after I hit either preview or save - and then I got the "site not available" message.

I WISH I did have some rudimentary hacking skills - just so that I could neutralize the hacker who is playing around on this site. I would LOVE to expose this criminal. But my skills are writing and typing (really fast). I've been published on 2 other sites that don't have message boards, where the site owner decides which articles to publish.

I'm going to assume you were joking. If not, you may want to contact Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily. He and his staff have loads of experience in this area, and could probably give you some tips on how to CORRECTLY AND HONESTLY identify actual real hackers - and trolls. MikeyA, for example is a classic troll, who has repeatedly attacked people on this board, and at one point, openly threatened my family. And you still don't get it?

This is EXACTLY PRECISELY why women don't post here, and why Purnhrt gave up trying. It's a little boy's club, first off, and the worst of these little babies - particularly MA and his sock puppet family, have seen the green light from the website owner to say and do pretty much whatever they want to any woman who DARES to post here. Why heck, to any woman who DARES to have an opinion and post it. MikeyA, again, gets away with his SHENANIGANS, because you not only let him, but sometimes congratulate him. Recently "Galt" told Purnhrt she shouldn't post here ever again, due to her opinions. Another "big man" you have previously congratulated on something or other. You see a pattern here? Because it's hard to miss.

p.s. to readers/lurkers - I do not, at this moment, have any correctional letters in my e-mail in-box from Chris. So it was, apparently, let's take a shot at the only female still posting here. (How childish.)

Your the only female posting here because the rest of us have cooking and cleaning to do. I've got to get back to the kitchen. Carry on.

Speaking about MikeyA I agree.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.


FG, if I openly threatened your family please post a link to it.

In this post you accuse me of having sock puppets, yet I'm of if not the biggest critic of the sock puppets we've seen on this site.

If I'm the "hacker" hacking the site, why would I openly make a thread about it and openly admit to FLAGGING MY OWN COMMENT to bring it to the site owners attention?

Chris can verify my ip address, currently I post from about 3 separate ones because of where I'm at. Chris has seen my real name, my work email, etc. Obviously he can tell if I'm posting anything I claim is untrue.

Your posts stink. That's just a fact. You are a conspiracy theorist. You take uncredible articles and post them, then when no on responds to the fucktarded shit you post you comment on it to bring more people to it. Your posts bring nothing to the table.


Can you tell us which members are being tracked? I've heard before there might be a couple people here who are trying to dig up stuff on people they're mad at. In order to shut them up. I haven't heard about a "her", but I did hear about a couple of "hims". Am I being tracked? Many thanks.

Ditto. Anyone bold enough to track users by hacking a message board, should be exposed.

Will need to come clean. I suspect it is one of them. They are tracking PhakitMan, ErieEagle and the 20 different accounts same user mostly. BTW JK

I will come clean, the Marine Corps paid me to do it. Why? Because the fifth column thinks that FG is getting "too close".


ExCUSE me???? Since "they" includes me - according to you (erroneously) - you are making, on your own blog/message board - a completely unfounded accusation.

And again - when I warned you previously that your site was being hacked - you said something like 'let's not talk about hacking anymore'. So you finally have to admit the site has been hacked big time, and THEN... decide to dump on the messenger. Words (almost) fail me, other than to say that may just be the most immature attempt at covering "wrongness" I have ever read.

Why not be a real man, and just admit you were wrong.

"Lighten up, Francis". Are you incapable of reading and understanding a post? Take a look at what Chris posted at the end, BTW JK. I do believe that means BY THE WAY, JUST KIDDING!

Review Chris' other posts when someone gets a timeout. I don't recall him ever posting someone's name. In this case, I believe Chris is attempting to have a little fun, something that you should try as well...

AC I wish your post would have an affect on her but "they" is a retard as you can see by her reply to Chris.

She doesn't have the brain capacity to understand your post.


Sorry Dan,sorry AC, I thought Dan was AC at first. My mistake hit reply and walked away and then started typing without rereading. It happens.




no worries!

same thing happening to me, and even now i have to reload every time i go away for any length of time

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Working with host to resolve problems.

while I am pretty sure either donwert or farmergal's shenanigans are the source of the site trouble due to their hacking and virus prowess, the host is experiencing a DOS attack that is affecting this site - they are trying to shut us down :) While I wish it was our site, it most likely is targeted at the host Rackspace who I have a great deal with to host this site after my previous host could not handle all of you. I will be tracking the situation, but until it stops, the site may perform less than optimal. Things have improved from lunch time, so I am optimistic they are getting a handle on it, but there is no ETA. This has been happening for at least 24 hrs given I have been getting warnings sent to me since about a day ago. I apologize for the inconvenience but I will forgive Rackspace for now given I have been satisfied with what they do up until this point.

Everything is working OK now.

To be safe, should we all refrain from any comments regarding I----l, H---s, or anything else pertaining to the M----e E--t?

Patience is a great virtue.

I bet it's caused by that damn flocculator!

Do we still have bubble points? I remember there used to be a small ticker that had them.

I still the site should consider a like/dislike button that reads the tally.


Mikey, bubble points are still accepted at all 7-Elevens. I used mine this week for a free Mega-Xtreme-Slurpee.

Patience is a great virtue.

Can I convert them into Schrute-Bucks?


I always suspected formergal of hacking. I've found over many years that the people who claim not to be doing the hacking are the biggest hackers and think if they just feign ignorance we'll all believe them. Well not me. Anyone who visits WorldNetDaily as much as she apparently does must be hacking. btwjck

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

This needs to be reported immediately to the NSA,oh wail they already know. They will be contacting the offenders

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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