Ebola: The US diagnostic test is a lie

Ebola: The US diagnostic test is utterly unreliable. When researchers and doctors are talking about a germ-caused disease, everything depends on the accuracy of the diagnosis. That's where it all starts.

So here is a blockbuster.
The US diagnostic test for Ebola is utterly unreliable.
Using the test to claim a patient has Ebola or doesn't have Ebola is scientific fraud.
Therefore, any pronouncements made by the Centers for Disease Control, where all the US testing is done, are worthless.

ABC New York reports: "Testing for Ebola is done at the CDC. According to a CDC spokesperson testing for Ebola takes 1-2 days after they receive the samples. The primary testing is PCR. This is performed on blood that has been treated to kill and live virus [sic]. So far CDC has tested samples from around 6 people who had symptoms consistent with Ebola and a travel history to the affected region."

The CDC is testing all suspected Ebola patients in the US with the PCR method.

The PCR is completely unreliable for a disease diagnosis. Why? Two reasons. First, technicians start with a tiny, tiny sample of genetic material from the patient. This sample may or may not be part of a virus. Mistakes can be made. Obviously, the techs want the sample to be viral in nature; otherwise, the diagnostic test will be complete bust.

But more importantly, the whole rationale for PCR is wrongheaded. Doctors and researchers only find a miniscule bit of hopefully relevant material in the patient to begin with. The PCR amplifies that bit so it can be observed.

But to consider the possibility that a virus is causing a disease in a patient, there must be huge numbers of that virus working actively in his body.

The PCR never establishes that.

Finding a tiny trace of viral material in a patient says absolutely nothing about whether he is ill, has been ill, or will become ill.

If Kent Brantley and Nancy Writebol, the two Americans who are now back in the US, were merely tested with the PCR to establish a diagnosis of Ebola, no one has any idea whether they have Ebola.

People wrongly assume that, because patients spew blood and collapse, a tiny amount of Ebola virus inside those patients will kill them. Not so.

Another wrong assumption is: the human immune system is helpless in the face of such a vicious germ. Also untrue.

As I mentioned in a previous article, don't be misled by pronouncements that "previously healthy people," exposed to a virus, suddenly collapsed and died.

You have no idea whether those people (health workers, for example) were previously healthy. A very detailed investigation by competent and unbiased people is necessary to establish the truth.

Further, automatically assuming the "previously healthy" people were serious infected with a particular virus---without effectively testing them---is absurd.

One of the cornerstones of (fraudulent) AIDS mythology is that a group of previously healthy men, being treated at the UCLA hospital, had their immune systems wiped out by HIV and only HIV.

This was an enormous lie. I studied the published medical summaries on those men, and it was obvious, from the number and types of medical drugs they'd taken in the past, that they were anything but "previously healthy." In other words, a number of factors contributed to their immune-system collapse.

There is a familiar medical term: "titer." It is the measure of concentration or, roughly speaking, quantity of a particular germ in a patient's body. There is a method of testing.

It's a crucial test.
That's how technicians can determine the likelihood that a patient's immune system is not warding off a germ; the titer is very high.
Simply saying a tiny trace amount of a germ in a patient's body is proof of disease is false.
During the fake Swine Flu "pandemic," I corresponded with a highly respected British researcher. I asked him whether any reputed Swine Flu patients were being tested for titer.

Shockingly, he said he had no idea. It didn't bother him that he had no idea. His attitude was neutral, as if I'd been asking whether patients were being fed oatmeal or corn flakes.
I see no evidence that any patient who has been diagnosed with Ebola has been given a rigorous and all-important titer test.

The "hot zone" areas of Ebola, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia, have been decimated for a long time: war, extreme poverty, malnutrition, starvation, contaminated water supplies, exposure to toxic industrial chemicals, vast toxic overuse of antibiotics, pesticides (some of them banned in other countries), expired and unrefrigerated medicines, vaccines (which, when given to people whose immune systems are already hanging on by a thread, can be lethal).

But we only hear about Ebola. Who knows what the people (including health workers) in those areas have been exposed to? A toxic chemical, for example, could cause explosive bleeding.

Combine this information blackout with the fact that the prominent diagnostic test for Ebola is deceptive and worthless, and you have a horribly perfect storm.

And I would add, an opportunity to foist and promote yet another pandemic fear to the world.

As for mainstream reporting, I can tell you this. In the past, during "epidemics," I approached several journalists with the basic information in this article. To a person, they backed off. They didn't want to touch it.

These were people who'd responded favorably to other stories I'd given them. But this? Too hot. Too corrosive. Too dangerous to their reputations. Too destructive to the medical disease paradigm. Too revealing of medical crimes.

By Jon Rappoport.

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Plagiarized from a nut who believes the OKC and WTC bombings were covered up and conspiracies and other kinds of whack-jobbery.

Yeah, DTOM, way to go! Also like the Obama, oil, and Israel tags that again have zilch to do with this story. How much are you getting paid to spam this crap?

In that alternate universe, everything in mainstream science and medicine is a lie. Mr. Rappopo is just trying to make money. If you want to fall for his conspiracy theories, you certainly may.
I just hope that if you, or someone close to you, gets a real disease, you or they don't use Mr. Rappopo's alternative medical treatments. It's one thing to lose money. It's another thing altogether to lose one's health, and/or one's very life!

FYI -- I am alive nearly 19 years following traditional medical treatments for coronary disease blockages. My wife is alive 27 years after traditional medical treatments for cancer. Magic Johnson is alive and AIDS free, 24 years after being found positive for HIV, and being treated through traditional medical protocol.
But, hey, Mr. Rappopo probably makes A LOT of money!


ASSUMPTION on your part DP,and Ac's. Because I post it doesn't mean I agree with each and every article. I post, you decide. Debate, debunk, but associating me to the topics and ASSUMING that that's my perspective or position without my acknowledgement and/or agreement of such posting, is JUST THAT, ASSUMING. Maybe I agree with a section of the articles, maybe all, maybe most, maybe none of it. How do you get to decide that?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Don't blame us when you don't make your position clear. Your title is quite inflammatory. Personally, I rarely post articles beginning new threads. When I do, I post articles from credible sources. Your post is FG-like.
You may post almost anything you like. But, don't blame us for jumping to conclusions if you post something with no additional comment. It then appears that YOU support that which YOU have posted.

Not to mention that plagiarism isn't cool, and trying to obscure your source so you don't get it immediately laughed at is pretty troll-tastic, too.


DTOM is failing at his efforts to be a "concern troll". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_%28Internet%29#Concern_troll

Looks like AC missed the "by line" at the bottom of the post.

Here AC, let me help you "By Jon Rappoport."


Let me help you, Mikey, in that it was ORIGINALLY CUT OFF and DTOM edited his crappy plagiarism of a crappy excuse of a blog to fix it. Of course, typically, REPOSTING AN ENTIRE ARTICLE IS NOT CONSIDERED "FAIR USE", and you might want to look that up before Chris gets another email from another site threatening to bring the DMCA down on it since you can't keep your troll-buddy DTOM under control.

Now, how about a "my bad, sorry AC" from you? Or are you too frickin' chicken to make anything that looks like an apology or an admittance of wrongdoing in front of your Teabagger friends who will tear you apart as a RINO?

Sorry AC but you will get no apology from me today. Why?

Well because I noted the by-line when I initially read the post. You hadn't yet commented. It was only the 2nd time that I read it that you had commented. How am I so sure? Because I read it before I fell asleep and then after.

So if your claim that he didn't include the by-line was initially true it was corrected before your comment thus making your comment moot.

So sorry, no apologies here. Maybe try the Dem party if you really want one? Between Dems strategists making racist claims about McConnell's wife and a Gov candidate who suspiciously only had a learner's permit while driving random women around at 4am.


I'm alive, after drinking Lake Erie water the past sixty years. That includes surviving the DDT scare of the 50s' and 60s'. I made it though the mercury scare of the 70s'. Then came the fecal matter problems from the 80s' to the present. Most recently, I consumed tap water exclusively during "The Panic of 2014". Am I OK in posting this, or am I guilty of a little "hey, look at me"?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Exhibit A on why bio-accumulative toxins are bad and what they do to the brain/neurological system. Please, G-man, continue detailing all the stuff you ate/drank/swam/played in with "impunity".

I will, after you tell us what you enjoy eating.

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