What was that about not impeaching Obama, again?

Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King reignited the debate Sunday about the Republican-led House considering impeachment proceedings for President Obama, just days after party leaders furiously tried to extinguish such talk.

King suggested on “Fox News Sunday” that the impeachment issue could be reconsidered if Obama again uses his executive powers to delay or defer deportation for illegal immigrants beyond those brought illegally to the United States in past years by their parents.

“I think then we have to start, sit down and take a look at that,” King said.



It used to be said that being a majority leader or whip for the Dems was like herding cats... well then what do you call it when Boner and the House Majority Leader and Whip can't control their own party?

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Why would anyone want to impeach him? If someone wants to see the democrats' party destruct, the best way is to stand by, and watch them do it to themselves.


If the President signs an EO that is defacto amnesty the Senate will be assuridly in the GOP hands. Not by one seat but by 3 or 4.

Why else would so many Dems in competitive races be so against an amnesty EO?

We are already looking ahead to 2016 as well. Right now it looks as if to be a race on the President's policies, of which he's underwater on almost every major issue and not by a close margin either. Two of the top Dem candidates (Clinton and Biden) were a part of the administration and a third, Warren, will advocate on the side of every single issue of the President.

I think Jerry Brown is the only Dem who can win the primary away from Clinton and is the only one with enough distance from the President for a legitimate shot. It's no surprise that of the voters who voted in '12 if they had to do it again it's Romney in a landslide.


That is HILARIOUS, "it's Romney in a landslide", comedy GOLD, Jerry!

Romney's not conservative enough for the TeaTards, who will be voting for Constitution or Libertarian Party candidates if given the choice of Romney or "other". Besides which, all it takes is trotting out Romney's 47% comment again and it's done.

You must have missed the CNN poll last week.

If there was a rematch today of the 2012 election Romney would win 53-44. You can google it if you like.


If Romney had won in 2012, an election today would result in a win for Obama 53-44.

The House Intelligence Committee currently has 21 members. 12 are Republican, and 9 are Democrats. The committee voted to endorse the report unanimously. Among the 12 Republican members, all of whom supported the report, is Michelle Bachmann! You may notice that the article appeared on the website of that staunch, far-left, liberal outlet, the Fiscal Times.


If Obama farts, that's grounds for impeachment.

Obama won the election, that's grounds for impeachment.

Other grounds for impeachment according to conservatives:

* Using spicy brown mustard on your hamburger
* Using teleprompters
* Being a Democrat
* Being a liberal
* Not being a Republican
* Being a Republican In Name Only
* Not wearing a suit and tie at all times in the Oval Office
* Putting your feet up on the desk in the Oval Office
* Presidenting While Black

What is NOT grounds for impeachment according to conservatives:
* Lying your ass off to get us involved in a war just to finish what your daddy started (AND FAILING AT IT)
* Illegal spying on US citizens (only if you're a Republican)

issued Executive Orders at the lowest rate among those who have been POTUS in over 100 years!

Sorry, but I've been in contact with my sources in the RNC, who ALL told me there will be no impeachment proceedings regarding this president. Apparently the Republicans have decided there is no better way to show the American People what the democrats' party is about, by simply standing by while the flood of Illegal Immagrence gets bigger and bigger and bigger. My folks were immagrence too, but the Ellis Island type. After what, two more years and change--this Country will truly be a sight to behold! IMO, the more immagrence, the better.



Sorry-from now on I'll spell it this way--immagrunts. I don't consider my spelling as "troll like", even though sometimes a carp gets excited by it.

I love the love shown on Swamp Bubbles.

The love by many members shown for minorities, women, and homosexuals, especially. Lots of love there.

Since when did this site become a "love-in"? Maybe you two could set an example for the rest of us to follow? I love women, so my journey is already in progress. And one out of three ain't bad in comparison to people who only love themselves.

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