Here's Your Immigration Bill---Now Shut Up.

Here it is, a comprehensive immigration bill! Next-to the Senate, then to The One.

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Meanwhile, children are DYING!!! I say get to work, as in RFN!

How about that bill that the SENATE sent to BONER that BONER won't hold a vote on?

Oh snap! Forgot about that one in your haste to be a partisan ass, didn't ya?

Douthat notes that just four years ago Democrats controlled both houses of Congress but did zilch on immigration reform, and that today the "impeachment" strawman is being used pre-emptively by the White House in advance of an illegal order on the illegals.

Patience is a great virtue.

Impeachment strawman?


Your Republicans slipped up and opened their pie-holes and spewed forth iimpeachment talk, and Dems jumped on it to make political hay and raise funds. I'm sorry that you are butthurt over that, but you did it to yourselves, Boner can't shove the impeachment genie back into the bottle and denying that any Republican ever spoke the word when the Internet never forgets is just more evidence that the GOP lives in its own little Bizarro-world echo chamber.

A few loonies have been arrested on charges of threatening the life of the president. Obama could play on this by insinuating key Republicans want to have him killed and that no one in their party has stood up to denounce them. Slate and MSNBC could do "reporting" on the issue to spread the word to the lemmings. "Assassination plans afoot? Suspicion persists despite Boehner denials." Donations to the DNC and MoveOn would pour in and a nation grateful and relieved that the president still breathes would welcome any executive order he chooses to issue.

Patience is a great virtue.

You've been drinking the local water again!

Just taking your fantasy to its ultimate destination. Now go cut your check for Organizing for Action! There's an impeachment coming!

Patience is a great virtue.

Man, they said that microcystin is a neurotoxin but I didn't know it did that bad a number on Republican brains.

The GOP has the majority in the House. They could easily put impeachment up for a vote. Easily.

So if that's our plan, why haven't we?


Because Boner thinks he can hold off the Teabaggers with his lawsuit stunt instead. You know, the court case that will be tossed for lack of standing whenever it gets around to being ruled on, which Boner hopes is after the election rather than before.

Some think the lawsuit is a dry run for impeachment.

I would like to point out that this is how you guys impeached Clinton. Push lawsuits against him, and then impeached him for perjury (not that it was actual perjury, since the alleged perjury was not relevant to the case).

So yeah, perhaps you chicken-fornicators haven't actually got enough grounds for impeachment yet and are going on another fishing expedition via this lawsuit.

Mind you, perhaps enough Teabaggers will get pissed at Boner and think they can kick off impeachment on their own... since they're too stupid to realize that they need a 2/3rds vote to convict in the Senate and the fact that impeachment shuts down all business in Congress will forever tag the GOP as the Party of NO/Do Nothing Party.

Again, Teabagger darlings Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann popped the cork on the Impeachment Genie and Boner's got his hands full trying to shove it back in the bottle while trying to NOT piss off the Teabaggers.

All Boner has to do, Mikey, and you either know this or suffer cranial-rectal inversion of a scope never seen before, is to go on camera and state that "Impeachment is off the table! Impeachment is NOT an option!" and that will kill the discussion. But if he does that, his career as Speaker is over because the Teabaggers will lose their shit.

So, Mikey, if you're not going to impeach, then why won't Boner take impeachment off the table?


LOL this is funny.

You guys know you're screwed in November so you're using this to try to get your base excited. It doesn't appear to be working. You still have an enthusiasm gap.


Mikey, the liberals are at their funniest, when they're TERRIFIED, aren't they?

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