So, what are YOU drinking today?

Bottled Water
16% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
42% (8 votes)
My water's fine!
26% (5 votes)
I'm Bear Grylls and you don't want to know.
16% (3 votes)
Total votes: 19
No votes yet

I'll be enjoying Kool-Aid mixed with tap water. It's well known that its ingredients kill microcystin. Oh yeah!

Patience is a great virtue.

And as Jim Jones taught us, the grape flavor will kill anything.

drinking water. He believed in beer, and (other "adult beverages"). He was proud of the fact that he NEVER drank water! And...he lived into this 90s!

My late cousin, Dimitri Schlemiel, drank mostly vodka. He lived in Mother Russia. Before he died, he told me this: " I have been tellink peoples for many years, drinkink too much water can be wery, wery bad on them. Peoples pissink in Volga is problem, as well as fish fuckink in river all time. If you can't for to find wodka, then sip a little manischewitz.. But, I use large glasses, fillink them up for to quench my tirst. "

I really don't want to know who selects the Bear Grylls option!

I drink same as I ever do: Liberal tears. They make a bitter but refreshing drink, like tonic water.

And there's an ever-flowing supply of them, so I'm in no danger of shortage.

You're living in Bizarro-World.

That you Liberals PROMPTLY lost the House of Representatives once your magical minority showed his true colors in his first two years, and that you Liberals never regained the House, show well where the tears have been copiously shed all along.

Then the Zimmerman verdict, then Sandy Hook... need I go on?

My bottle of premium Liberal Tears is never empty. Nor shall it ever be.

"magical minority"

Dude, you'll hurt yourself blowing that dogwhistle that hard.

That bottle of Liberal Tears is actually the bathtub gin Boehner's been drinking... you might want to knock it off, it apparently turns you Oompa-Loompa Orange.

The only thing that blew harder than that dog whistle, was Obama's performance as President.