GET A LOAD OF Toledoans

The best part of any sort of "emergency" in Toledo is being given the opportunity to get a glimpse at the fine residents via various media sources. I admit that I have hit the rewind button several times on the television to get a second look at the people lining up at the local grocery stores. From these videos, I have deducted that Toledoans:

***Have an average of 5 teeth each

***Believe that pajama bottoms are acceptable out-of-the-house wear

***Are so accustomed to standing in line for government handouts, they can be up and ready with their EBT cards at a moment's notice (buying water with your "food stamp card" and selling it will replenish your casino, drug, or designer purse fund in no time)

Prediction: In the coming days, people will be DEMANDING refunds from the City for the water they bought.

Getting a gander at Toledoans summarizes why the City is in a steadily increasing decline. (P.S. During Mayor Collins' press conference, I believe I saw a councilman looking important while black.)

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On woman bought enough to bottom her car out against the frame, and was unable to leave the parking lot as a result!

I bet I know for whom she voted for President--twice!

But enough about Bush voters.

It's not just Toledo who thinks yoga pants are acceptable. A friend of mine in Virginia keeps a running tally of how many people come in wearing yoga pants daily. She approves home loans.

The good thing is I've seen more and more business that only allow "smart casual" dress or higher into their establishments.


I will not stand by while someone slanders the good name of yoga pants. They are a gift from God.

There's a city full of walls you can post complaints at

AND they look best on people who weigh north of 300 pounds.

Only place in NW Ohio that I'd consider this true is on UT's campus.


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