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Spolar may say a printing contract is not in place, but I'm told by one of its veteran employees that the Blade will be printed in Ann Arbor. With drive time accounted for, subscribers can expect to get their paper at least one hour later, possibly delivered after they've left for work. Either that, or deadlines for reporters will be moved up, resulting in an absence of news that otherwise would be there for readers. The Blade is making the hard-copy version of itself irrelevant. And then there's the matter of throwing 131 family breadwinners into the street. Looks like the Joint Council went down with a whimper while the brothers and sisters at the Newspaper Guild issued a collective yawn.

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Have I missed Marcy Kaptur's outrage over these "hard-working union members" losing their jobs?


HA! Don still reads the blade.

Don, the blade has been irrelevant for almost 20 years. It works counter to what could actually help Toledo and is only interested in preserving it's own profits.


Anyone who wants to remain current on local news by necessity reads the Blade. Those who only need to know the weather forecast or where the latest abandoned house to go up in flames was located can rely on their otherwise vapid local TV news. Those who wish to hear opinions on what the Blade has published tune in to Fred's radio show. And those who say they get their news from "social media" would be just as well informed by watching Dr. Phil and Oprah all day long.

Patience is a great virtue.

There are more than enough media sources in Toledo.

I haven't read the blade in probably about 5 years. I don't even click their links anymore.

About the only reason I have gone there is to read obituaries and that is at best once a year.


I don't think The Blade has enough paper-readers anymore for a delay in delivery to make any difference.

Block should change The Blade to a non-profit organization since that's what it really is anyhow. Then he can chase government money (I mean, more than he does already).

The only two reasons I would subscribe to the paper would be if I got a cat or a parakeet.

You hardly need to do that. Just live in East Toledo. Some rag called "The Press" shows up on your stoop every week for no particular reason. I have linear feet of those saved up, for wrapping and cleaning, largely.

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