Yay Republicans... OK Dems, the proverbial political ball is in your court

Here's the story:


This issue isn't going away. The Dems are going to pay politically for this deliberate illegal influx into the U.S. There is no rock they can hide under from this assault on the Constitution by their messiah this time. Wonder how many will sacrifice their cushy jobs in D.C., in order to protect bobo on this. Funny how you can't even recall the names of the Dem congressmen who did so in 2010.

As a p.s. - interesting how the tv media keeps saying how CONGRESS is going on a taxpayer-paid 5-week vacation - but make no mention of their messiah and his large entourage going to Martha's Vineyard at taxpayer expense, for 5 weeks.

But maybe, at least, our congresswoman will hold at least ONE town hall locally - and I don't mean those safe, phony baloney, "telephone town halls". I mean a real town hall meeting locally, where taxpayers can ask her questions on her political positions.

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