How Will EBOLA Get HERE?

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It's coming, folks. You know it, and I know it. It will make the pandemic of 1918 look like a slight head cold.

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Can I put up a poll asking if you've stopped beating your wife yet?

This is one hell of a nice slanted poll with racist overtones you put up here. A fine example of the sort of logic and mindset of the GOP and conservatives in general here. Really makes Chris's site look friendly and welcome and not at all like a den of right-wing derp.

1. Stop reading conspiracy lunacy like the kind found on World Nut Daily. This is the intellectual equivalent of eating junk food all day long.
2. Ebola is not a virus transmitted through the air, as is the case with diseases like influenza. You have to come into contact with the blood or secretions of an infected animal or person, and typically the virus needs broken skin or a mucous membrane to enter the human host.
3. More importantly: human victims of Ebola tend to die very quickly, meaning that Ebola outbreaks generally burn out before they could even reach the sort of critical mass needed for a pandemic.
4. If - and only if - the Ebola virus evolves into a form that can be aerosolized, then your doomsday scenario might happen. However, there has never been any indication that this virus is moving in that direction. More likely, as is the case with most infectious agents, the mortality rate of Ebola will drop over time. It is more advantageous for the future of an infectious agent to develop a less adversarial relationship with hosts: the organism can thrive and spread more readily if hosts survive than if hosts are quickly killed.

Speaking of Wing Nut Daily:


This is why WND's credibility as a primary news source is near zero, not that our wingnutty friends have any idea about the credibility of sources or indeed critical thinking.

High fatality rates only exist in third world countries where poor treatment or no treatment is available. When hospitalized, survival rates are highly acceptable.

Oh, Ebola is indeed deadly, bucknut. Yes, mortality rates are higher where medical care is of lower quality, but even patiets who have received higher quality treatment still die.

Many people, though, confuse mortality rate with transmissibility. Ebola is an extremely deadly disease, but human-to-human transmissibility is much lower than many other diseases.

Uh, according to the article you posted, he treated over 100 Ebola patients. You know, people who are bleeding out of many orifices and who are in advanced stages of the disease.

Is Ebola a risk to health care workers who encounter a patient in the late stages of the disease? Of course: these are people with uncontrolled bleeding, vomiting, and diarrhea, people who are rapidly shedding the virus in their body fluids and excreta. Extreme caution needs to be used in treating such patients, and even a paper cut or uncovered nostril may be enough of an entry point for contaminated fluids to infect a healthy person.

However, these are people very unlikely to be able to get out of bed, much less board a plane or (to use your doomsday scenario) march across the desert to cross the U.S. border and become weaponized zombies.

My job requires me to travel internationally to assist customers. I always figure the most dangerous part of my trip is the plane ride--not because of potential mechanical issues--but because of sharing recycled air with passengers who obviously don't share our standards for hygiene.

I've had my share of fellow row-mates whose odors made for an unpleasant flight. Not to mention the coughing and sneezing being done by passengers who come from countries where clean water and flush toilets are not plentiful (I know--I've been there).

A colleague of mine went to a Pacific island to install some equipment and returned with a stomach issue that lasted for weeks. He was diagnosed with having a parasite that was likely contracted by eating food prepared by someone who also had the parasite and did not wash his/her hands after wiping.

After that, I am not as cavalier about viewing a potential outbreak as conspiratorial.

My comments regarding conspiracy theories were related to the World Nut Daily article, which speculated that Ebola patients might soon be "crossing America’s southern border with the recent flood of illegal immigrants."

Ebola patients are primarily contagious when they are symptomatic, and given that this is a highly debilitating disease, the idea that Ebola patients will be arriving via the southern border with the recent flood of illegal immigrants" is ludicrous: these are dying people who are bedridden. The principal reservoir of the Ebola virus is wild animals in remote areas of central and western Africa, and border-jumpers in northern Mexico are hardly in the right place to come into contact with either African fruit bats or symptomatic Ebola patients.

G-Man also raised the prospect of terrorists sending Ebola patients as a sort of weaponized biological time bomb. Sure, if terrorist groups had advanced medical research labs to isolate, reproduce, and store the Ebola virus, they could inject it into potential suicide Ebola "bombers." The problem is that this is not an especially efficient method of killing people, since the "bomber" would want to curl up in a fetal position as soon as symptoms started.

Also, how do you convince someone to willingly subject themselves to days or weeks of misery for "the cause"? I mean, strapping on a suicide vest means an instantaneous death and trip to the hereafter, but getting injected with Ebola virus means utter hell for a lengthy period of time: "Dear brother: you are a martyr for the cause. Do not worry about the blood coming out of every orifice - this is a sign that you will soon travel to heaven, though your journey will be a rough one, what with the vomiting, diarrhea, fever, organ failure, delusions, coma, and finally death."

Tough sell, that.

" During World War II, about 3,860 kamikaze pilots were killed, and about 19% of kamikaze attacks managed to hit a ship.[1]"

Mike, put your medical books down, and stick with historical ones. Japanese pilots were capable of "thinking things through" were they not? All one would have to do is expose a group of terrorists to infected people(no injections needed), and send them on their way.

Read this:


Read again, G-man: I was making the point that it must be an easier sell to convince someone to die as a martyr for the cause with an instantaneous death (I suggested suicide, you mentioned kamikaze pilots) than to convince someone to walk around dying a slow, painful, and degrading death as an Ebola patient.

An "easier"sell doesn't mean an impossible sell, now does it? Remember the airline steward who had Kaposi lesions, and flew around the world trying to infect other men? All it takes is a few True Believers and "mission accomplished".


Ebola has an incubation period of anywhere from TWO to TWENTY days.

Given that, we were f*cked shortly after the outbreak started when the patients kept being kidnapped out of quarantine because the families didn't believe in science and medicine other than "witch doctors". (See also the anti-vax and so on in America, no less.)

Raising the spectre of "infected immigrants" and "infected terrorists" is right-wing fear-driven hogwash and propaganda designed to scare little right-wing brain-damaged (literally, enlarged fear centers and other developmental differences) toads like yourself into complying with whatever pointless and futile crap the rich and powerful masters of the right wing want.

It is, unless it mutates into an airborne form, a lot less transmissible than, say, influenza. As long as you're taking fluid-borne pathogen precautions, you're fine. Ebola isn't Captain Trips Superflu out of Stephen King's The Stand.

If you feel otherwise then please by all means retreat into your bunker for the next few months, and remember to put a condom on your Internet connection so you don't get infected through that too.