Border Patrol Agent: Immigration Crisis has been Orchestrated as “Asymmetrical Warfare” to Destroy the Country from Within

Last week former U.S. Rep. from Florida and current Fox News contributor Allen West urged everyone to watch a YouTube video of an interview with Zack Taylor. Taylor is the chair of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO). He's been quoted in the Washington Times, and interviewed by the likes of Breitbart Texas and The Blaze.

But it's Taylor's recent interview for a documentary by Chris Burgard that's been burning up the conservative internet. Burgard is filming "Back to the Border," a sequel to his 2006 original documentary, "Border."

Taylor's 15 minute interview is the best 15 minutes you'll ever spend if you truly want to consider the "big picture" of the border situation. It's also deeply disturbing.

A view of Taylor's keynote address at the combined meeting of the Las Cruces Gun Culture Club and The Las Cruces TEA Party is equally alarming.


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Hey DTOM, if you're not a troll or a spammer, then why are you tagging your stories with crap like "Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
media bias

when the stories have zip to do with those things? Guess that is just another indicator that you're not actually reading the crap you post and are just in a hurry to post it to wipe anything you don't like off the top of the page!

How does Obama, the Constitution, and media bias not pertain to the story? It's Obama's crisis, The Constitution will be violated by Executive order, the media refuses to allow reporters to observe holding places. Using these tags are always relevant one way or the other because they are part of the issues of either yesterday or today.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Is that a good way to keep you off the front page? I like it!

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