The esteemed Mr. Clawson

A Republican congressman from Florida makes a name for himself.

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I can't criticize this congressman. After all the two people don't look like Americans. They don't have fair skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.

So you agree with my belief that the State Department purposely sent two officials who look like they dabble in Hinduism in order to confuse our young congressman. Clawson stands strong for jobs, freedom and cutting spending, so obviously the administration conspired to undermine this patriotic legislator. If you doubt his bona fides, check out the red, white and blue on his all-American website.

Patience is a great virtue.'s_law

Hardy, Har, Har. You know you can't presume anyone is not an American. The Priest at my church is an American. His parents were born in India. The answer is no, I do not believe someone conspired to deceive this congressman. I do believe this congressman's own bigotry made him assume that the two people represented the Indian government.

According to the article, the two were introduced with their titles, as U.S. officials. Clawson just wasn't paying attention. As far as the modern Republican Party is concerned, this type of lack of attention qualifies Clawson to get the Republican nomination for POTUS. OOPS! He isn't the son of a President, nor is he the grandson of a Senator. Did he at least go to Yale?

How's that outreach to minorities going, GOP??!?!


I'm sure the skit writers at SNL are working on this, but it's going to be tough trying to top the real thing.

Patience is a great virtue.

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