Why Obama is blatantly breaking U.S. immigraton laws

Only scanned this article about Stockman's opinion:


But think he is on to something. My question when this unilateral amnesty deal started - and then when it was revealed that Obama started recruiting "amnesty helpers" (to coin a term) BACK IN JANUARY -- my question was WHY is he doing this, when he knows that congress will eventually be forced to slap him down, so to speak?

My own opinion has been that BO wants to do as much damage to our borders and laws as possible before November elections. Because politicians all do internal polling all the time, that is not necessarily available to the voting public. I think the polls are telling him that the republicans will, indeed, take the Senate in November, and then a lot of his "party" is over.

Stockman, on the other hand, has concluded that Obama WANTS the republicans to start impeachment proceedings against him. I think Stockman is right. Clinton's impeachment drama proved one thing. In this day and age, impeachment is a fool's errand. Nixon is the only prez who will get impeached. Stockman is most likely correct - Obama is in desperation mode right now. He is breaking laws left and right and everybody, including his worshipers, know that. He is TRYING to make the repubs do something stupid.

Republican lawmakers, having this coming election handed to them on a silver platter, would be well advised to document all the laws being broken, wait until after November 2014, and then just roll back as much of BO's deliberate damage to the country as they can. It may take a while, but the country as a whole was duped in 2008 by a consummate faker with a communist mind set. The country may not actually survive this. The economic base is simply not there. Boomers and their parents are retired now, for the most part. And illegal Hispanics have no intention of paying taxes, and want everything free. Free stuff that is denied to American citizen poor.

All of this is obvious, and all the Republicans need to do now is be consistent and persistent, and patient. And stop giving Obama funding for anything.

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