Toledo is going down for the count

I try to stay west of Talmadge Road as much as possible. But a family member was in town and from her days in Toledo, she was familiar with the layout of the Kroger store on Monroe and Secor. So I took her over and waited in the car, Wow--talk about your sociological experience!

First, I see this interesting fellow in a pimped-out Mercedes (gold trim, fancy rims) pull up to a spot in the far reaches of the lot. Sure enough--a woman who looked like she would be more at home on a section of Monroe Street in the heart of downtown--gets out of her car. The Mercedes dude, wearing his rust-colored zoot suit (with matching shoes), gets out of his car. They embrace, she gets into his car--and off they go into the night. I felt the need to immerse myself in a vat of antibacterial soap.

Then there was the beggar at the traffic light exiting the parking lot. Her sign said she was a mother of two and "anything would be appreciated." My friend was shocked to see this. People weren't begging on street corners when she left Toledo 8 years ago (yeah, and Obama wasn't President then either).

As we left, there was a homeless man with all his worldly belongs strapped to his back walking down Monroe headed for Secor.

This experience prompted my friend and family members to talk about what has gone wrong with Toledo and if there is any hope to turn it around. The obvious causes of decline are the same for most deteriorating cities: 1) long-term Democrat leadership; 2) union domination; and 3) the influx of a lazy, no-skills, and uneducated population. I would add that you also have to have a majority of the population who are too ignorant to see these three things are a detriment.

We decided that the only way to turn Toledo around is through a police state. Don't worry about spending money to open pools, planting flowers on highway medians, or giving millions of dollars to silly solar panel scams--hire as many police as you can; build a bigger jail; and arrest people for jaywalking, not cutting their lawns, littering, etc. Make it uncomfortable for the underbelly of society to live in the City--force them to move on.

You can't be a City that offers the luxuries of life (i,e, pools and gardens) until you satisfy the basic security needs.

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That was pimp George, the beggar was Susie the pan handler, and the homeless person was Trick Willy.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Kind of like Mayberry!

I thought that guy looked like Otis.

Patience is a great virtue.

It's weird for us boomers and our parents, who remember a different country. I'm always a little sorry for anyone born after, say 1966. Imagine that. Anyone around 50 or younger doesn't even have a memory of how great this country once was. They don't really recall the Vietnam era - they are only familiar with it's aftermath, which is bad - very bad.

It's why BO doesn't really "get" America. He actually IS a foreign student right now. He grew up in a combo of a foreign country and Hawaii. I mean, come on, Hawaii doesn't even really have much of a history as a state. I didn't actually know until recently that the floodgates on immigration were opened sometime back in the 1960's.

For boomers and older, this isn't really America anymore. The mainstream media - particularly television - are liberal and pretty much godless, to a degree that most of "middle America", particularly 50 and over - are not. And yet they preach their, basically atheistic, gospel on television day and night.

To a large degree, we have the country, state, region, and city (thinking of Toledo here) that we deserve. I'll give you just one example locally. Before Owens-Corning years later had to file for bankruptcy, they were already in trouble in the mid-1980's. They participated big time in the massive company lay-offs circa 1984-1986 that affected O-I and LOF also. Then a large company, Wickes, tried to buy OCF. It would have been a boon to the workers, and would have gotten rid of an inept "top tier".... you know, the top VP's and Board. So OCF - the top guys and the Board - took what is called a poison pill, making the company unattractive, and fended off the buyout of it's stock. Later filed for their famous bankruptcy - it was an extremely poorly run company, rife with stupidity and nepotism. And Toledo gradually has paid the price for this and other really bad leadership in both corporations and government.

I have out-of-town relatives also, who are shocked beyond measure at Toledo's decline when they visit once a year. They all live down south. Now they have good jobs down there (and not all are college grads) -- but they deal with illegal immigration in ways that the Midwest has not yet had to.

Yes, Toledo is dying - but so is the entire country.

See also the same Baby Boomers in charge of all these companies who went from growing up with free love, drugs, and rock&roll to becoming evil corporate bastards whose sole job is to focus only on making a bigger profit next quarter to return to the shareholders (i.e. themselves, see also proliferation of stock options as executive compensation and the discontinuation of employee stock purchase plans and profit-sharing). There's also no more pension plan, for a pension plan means those in it get to have a say on how it's run and what it buys into, which means the pension plans held by the people get to vote proxies on the shares they hold. We can't have the normal people holding voting control of stock, oh no, so everything is a 401(k) scam job (and you're lucky if your employer elects to contribute to it, since many used Bush's Great Recession to stop doing so or say "only if the company performs well enough this year will we match... after the fact").

Let us not even get into the tax breaks and incentives politicians of both parties offer as part of their grovelling and offering of sexual acts in order to keep a business or land a new one in their area. Let's give up 20 years of taxes and pay for massive highway construction and running new water and sewer lines and all that just for some outfit to twist our arm ten years later by threatening to move somewhere else that'll give the executives five BJs a day and a free docks for their yachts. Boy I can't wait to see all the companies that ran to the South because of all the tax incentives and cheaper labor force and all those "business-friendly" good-ol-boy deals come crawling back up here in the next 20-30 years after that Climate Change you all don't believe in chases them out with hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, and flooding.

You want America to be great again? Stop being a Koch sucker AND don't vote for the "LLLLibertarians" AND don't vote for the Dems who sell out either. Maybe we can find some politicians who aren't from a political family dynasty or a big business me-me-me background or other white-collar Richie Rich roots that will fight for the middle class or that aren't blue-collar dupes and lackeys for them.

Those southern climate deniers will soon be moving back in droves when droughts and fires make it impossible to live. Water not unions will be the great decider.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

That made me chuckle. (It was meant to be funny--right?!)

I'm trying to figure out how "corporate bastards" caused the situations I observed at Kroger. Are you saying that Mr. Pimp would have otherwise been a doctor, beggar girl would have been a successful entrepreneur, and homeless man would have been a successful financial planner if it weren't for those evil corporations?

We need to return to the nineteen fifties where corporations were discharging millions of tons of pollutants to our environment, where African Americans were lynched just because they were African Americans, where the only thing of value that a minority could buy was a car because White America forbid fair housing, where many people couldn't vote because state laws wouldn't allow them to vote, where police traveled around beating people on a daily basis because they didn't like the way they looked. Am I saying things are any better? No! But I am saying that White America's prejudices and discrimination created the paradigms we are experiencing today. The United States is going through the same evolution that caused the French Revolution.

I remember when four people would buy a Fleetwood, and each week a different person would drive it.

Zeyadcharles is suggesting that the reason that there is a pimp, a beggar, and a homeless person in the Kroger parking lot is because of the Civil Rights movement, the Fair Housing Act, and African Americans voting? Interesting.

I can't help the pimps and beggars, but here's something for the homeless:

For clarification, I am suggesting that Swamppeople and everyone like him has a pea brain.

I wish the beggars in Toledo could be as entertaining as those in New York.

Patience is a great virtue.

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