"We lost contact with the plane." Really?

By John Rappoport

Air Algerie Flight 5017, from Burkina Faso to Algiers crashed, according to "officials."
Some of these officials state contact with the plane was lost an hour after takeoff.
You can probably remember similar statements about other doomed flights: lost contact. Wasn't that the case on 9/11?

"Lost contact" appears to cover all available means of communication. Nothing on radar screens. Radio inoperative. No transponder signals picked up.
In this day and age, with a blizzard of technology available to track and surveil, what is going on?

Commercial jets have only one transponder? Isn't it possible to embed dozens of GPS-type devices at various points in the craft? And wouldn't those devices report a plane's location, no matter how far it strayed off course?
Even underwater? Isn't the US Navy able to keep tabs on its own submerged submarines?

So either we are looking at an international scandal, in which modern tracking technology is not being fully applied to commercial planes...or officials are lying when they say: lost contact.

Assuming cutting-edge tracking tech is, without public knowledge, being used on modern commercial jets, do hijackers have the ability to jam all signals emanating from the planes? If so, passengers would like to know.

"Attention, passengers. Before boarding this flight, you should realize only one transponder is being deployed. Although the device, plus radar, plus radio will help track your location, there are dozens of other devices we could use to make sure we know where you are. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet installed them. Consult the 800 number on your ticket. Feel free to contact the manufacturer and make inquiries."

If the NSA can simultaneously tap every phone in America, somehow I think they can track a giant jet, if they want to. Unless perhaps, these planes are still using a primitive communication apparatus from the 1950s.

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The Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was a clear case of a hijacking, for whatever reason, terrorism or not. The hijacking went bad and the plane went down in the ocean, a total loss of life and aircraft. The tracking of the plane was clouded by clear incompetence or collusion by Malaysian officials.

So we have to wait and see what's up with this latest one.

unless you can 'splain away the photographs here:


Like Jim wrote in this piece (readers & lurkers, cursor down a little for the photos of the 2 Malaysian airliners and the 2 different positions of the painted flags)....

Like Jim says: BUSTED!


GZ, did you miss my post that the technology to fly jumbo jets REMOTELY dates back to the 1950's. Now I KNOW you did not know that.

Guess I will have to post that info again, along with verifying links.


I'm also waiting to see exactly how DNA samples of the now-released dead passengers on the 2nd jet match up with relatives. WHICH relatives - from WHICH plane - you ask? That is what people who can do deductive reasoning all want to know!

Absent from ANY lying-stream-media conversations about this recent shoot-down - ABSENT is any discussion of how DNA will be used for identification purposes. It should be fascinating to see how the powers that be handle that one. I think the Malaysian officials are the ones trying to get the truth out.

GZ, you are one of the better thinkers who posts here - but you have been "had" on this one.

to "cut-and-paste", so that info gets out there before his site gets "messed with" (which happens often). He's former NSA and a computer wonk - his explanations of how he frequently "repairs" damage done to his website are technically over my head, but verifiable by any other computer experts out there.

Anyhoo... here is a cut-and-paste for those who don't read links and like "fast reads":
(from jimstonefreelance.com)

"July 23 coverage starts here

About the different paint jobs -

As you go through the different pictures of MH17, you need to remember that MH17 was a 17 year old aircraft that has been painted many times. This was NOT the case for flight 370, it was never repainted because it was almost new. So the flag comparisons and window comparisons for flight 370 are legitimate, that is the way it always looked and it never looked any different, and that is why I am flatly stating the photos prove the shot down plane is flight 370.

There were hundreds of mails today which I cannot answer because I am now on the road documenting the illegal immigrant children story. But I am going to declare the photos prove it is indeed flight 370, because rest assured as a supposedly normally scheduled flight, MH17 was canceled that day, and they did not have a supply of dead and rotten bodies for MH17, which flight 370 is highly probable to have had. Add to this the other anomalies, such as flown 200 KM off course into a war zone, the fact flight 370 needed to be disposed of, the fact that it has been declared that a legitimate investigation can never be done, the fact that it had two escorts which prove Ukraine did it and not Russia, the coincidental timing with the death sentence for Gaza, to keep that out of the news and well, what more would anyone need to confirm this? The perfectly matching paint to what flight 370 always had is the bonus clue, in my opinion it is all clear enough to start hanging people,

It is said that dead men can tell no tales, but when they are a planeload of rotting bodies that should have been perfectly fresh, THAT ALONE SAYS IT ALL, from THAT ALONE you can declare this plane to be flight 370, HOW ELSE COULD IT BE? Undead Zombies DID NOT board MH17."

Yeah! Like how we never really landed on the moon.


So you're saying that the passengers on flight 370 were transferred to flight 17 to cover up the disappearance of flight 370, so that flight 17 could legitimize the victims of flight 370. Got it.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

and have no idea what you are talking about. Come on DT, Jimstone has this laid out carefully and logically, and where he has to guess, he plainly says so.

What I'm saying, is what Stone is saying.... BUSTED BUSTED BUSTED....

At this point, the flags painted on the planes are MUCH more interesting than anything else, and yet you don't comment on that - why?

For readers/lurkers... while listening very carefully to the lying-stream-media, I noted yesterday evening (after my post above) that little "clarifying" words are just now being inserted into the tv prompter readers' on-screen "reports". Three or four times last evening, I heard these "reporters" say "TRYING" and inspectors will "TRY" to identify the bodies. Meaning they may not be able to. Why not? If these bodies are relatively "fresh" (to use Stone's word), there would be no problem lifting DNA evidence from these bodies or body parts, for matches to relatives. But apparently the powers-that-be are going to attempt to say they can't get DNA evidence. Interesting.

Again, DT, Stone's evidence (which was sent by a reader of his site, by the way and is screamingly conclusive) is pretty clearly stated. You can read, why would you attempt to put words in my mouth?

But the flags are MUCH more damning, as they say.

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