Is Illegal the New “N-word”?

Politically Correct Liberal Fascists are constantly trying to monitor and adjust the speech of everyone around them.

The very existence of the 1st Amendment is a thorn in the flesh of the progressive fascists who wish to silence all disagreement with their personal philosophy.

To that end, they’ve recently been working overtime to eliminate use of the word “illegal” when it comes to immigrants who come here … um … illegally.

Some of these progressives are even pretending that the word “illegal” is as bad as the “N-word.”

So, what does the average person on the street in Miami, Florida have to say about this? (You may be surprised.)


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Also, anyone who is off the rails enough to share blog articles that start out with "Liberal Fascists" is the same as that person to whom we reply with commentary about the area's Mexican restaurants.

So, what IS the best Mexican restaurant in Toledo, anyhow?

Los Amigos, near Central and Stickney, although I don't know if it's still open.

I've eaten there as well. Very reasonable prices!
I just called, and they are still in business.

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