Did ya know that the technology to fly jumbo jets by remote was perfected


back in the 1950's?? This is 2014 - YEARS after this technology was perfected - and YET...

what we get in any given international "crisis" - artificially created or not - is a PHOTOGRAPH of our prez on the phone - to whoever they say he is on the phone to. And we are expected to accept this, from the "ministry of truth".

A similar photograph could have been taken of President Taft, around 100 years ago. So 2014 crises are treated as though the only technology at hand for public inspection is 100 years old, AND are expected to be ignorant of things like this:
[copied from jimstonefreelance.com:

Pa Namby wrote:

".. of air crashes. No images of people asking for fate, complaining, crying, etc. Usually the first air disasters coverage is reporting on familiar's reactions. I have seen nothing...have you?"

My response: Good point. The families of flight 370 already did that!
One huge problem is that flight MH17 resumed as usual with the only missing flight being the shoot down, which by itself is very strange considering the nature of the shoot down. Flight 370 was canceled for weeks so I beg to question why MH17 continued without a hiccup if it really had been shot down. But since the report about the doctors and the aids conference is in the rounds, I at least have to mention it, though I doubt it. There is too much other evidence to the contrary, such as MH17 IS ALREADY ON SCHEDULE AGAIN.

Here is the most heavily censored event, and the background on it
Fighter jet escorts reveal the real story: FINAL – Spanish Air Controller @ Kiev Borispol Airport: Ukraine Military Shot Down Boeing #MH17

Immediately after the shoot down, foreign people entered the control tower at Kiev Borispol Airport which was monitoring flight MH17 and removed the normal workers and started doing their jobs. These "replacements by force" were obviously put there to front the official story. The normal control tower staff then reported the presense of two fighter jet escorts via Twitter. These tweets were subsequently removed by Twitter. However, the normal tower staff has successfully gotten through to various honest news outlets such as THIS ONE, which has had this link vanish from this site for some readers. If the link is not visible check back later and I will have a capture here. If these people succesfully speak, the fact that "MH17" was under fighter jet escort will not be buried by Twitter or any replacement staff.

Flight departure times are inconsistent, and one major web site showed MH17 as canceled on the 17th.
If flight MH17 really took off, it would have had an agreed upon departure time. But three news outlets released 3 different departure times, which strongly indicates the flight never happened and a different 777 was shot down. And anyone could safely bet the now zio zombie Ukraine would dispose of flight 370 for a military perk from the U.S.

It is highly probable that flight 370 was substituted out, zombie flown either via remote by both fighter jets or by pre programmed autopilot with the transponder programmed to identify it as MH17, with all original passengers aboard and possibly other undesirables, and then shot down by the fighter jet escorts. Buk missiles produce a very noticeable plume, and no one documented any. In the day of cell phone cams, I would say zero documentation of something so noticeable means no missile launch. This points the finger at the fighter jet escorts which have always been completely scrubbed from the mainstream media and would do the dirty work at an altitude too high for any witnesses. And with Ukraine now operating as a zio proxy state, any investigation of the debris will be carried out "appropriately".

Obviously this is all guessing, but when we have an established media that is well proven to do nothing but lie with events such as this, a guess is better than practically anything the media would spew. One unanswered question is how the originating airport could be kept quiet about this, BUT if an intermediate tower not associated with the initial takeoff could be silenced about what they saw, and this was a very important psy op, I am certain the correct arrangements would be made at the originating location to keep a lid on this, which leaves the only other venue of proof being one documented cancellation on a flight tracker site, and numerous media errors regarding departure time.

If a departure for MH17 happened, only ONE time would be logged, yet within a short time I found 3, at 14 minutes, 15 minutes and 31 minutes past the hour (compensate yourself for time zone.) This inconsistency is practically bullet proof evidence no flight departure time was ever actually recorded, if a real departure happened all news sources would have the same departure time. This has all been preserved on this site in other posts farther down the page, they cannot go back and change them and get away with it.

So what actually happened as far as I see it?
The originating tower was re-staffed at least temporarily with people who would keep a secret about what really went on at the airport. Flight370 was remote flown or flown out via pre programmed autopilot with a transponder identifying it as MH17. It then received two fighter jet escorts when far enough away from the originating airport to not arouse suspicion and these fighter escorts for the most part stayed close enough to conceal their radar signature and provide "pilot feedback" from pilot absent zombie flown flight 370. At the appropriate time it was shot down.
HOW APPROPRIATE WAS THE TIMING OF THIS SHOOT DOWN? So appropriate it perfectly corresponded with the start of a massive Israeli ground assault on Gaza to divert public attention to something else. That is the FINAL red flag here, it is such a huge red flag it blocks out the sky above all other reason.

So, in short: MH370 was disposed of because it had to be gotten rid of, and it was done in a way that diverted news away from a huge assault on Gaza and as a bonus gave Russia a black eye. Milk it every way they can, by way of deception thou shalt do war, and though obviously none of this will ever be "officially" documented, the logic certainly fits.

And a final nail - MH17 is proceeding as normal, with normal flights THE DAY AFTER. When MH370 vanished, that route was cancelled FOR WEEKS. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Is anyone out there really stupid enough to believe business as usual would resume the the next scheduled flight after a genuine loss of an aircraft that flies anywhere near a war zone? That next scheduled flight is LANDING IN MALAYSIA THE DAY AFTER ON SCHEDULE AS I WRITE THIS, and I beg to question WHY. Is anyone out there gullible enough to buy the notion of business as usual after a genuine unexpected shoot down, or perhaps more importantly, the loss of two IDENTICAL 777 aircraft from the SAME AIRLINE within 4 months? FIGURE THE ODDS.

For the information hounds out there, this is an interesting read, ESPECIALLY THE PILE OF PASSPORTS and perfect condition bodies. I myself noticed how pristine the bodies were. Was flight 370 in fact blown up on the ground, with crisis actors used? This guy has some really good points worth mentioning, which would completely explain why MH17 resumed service without a hitch. Yet another good way flight 370 could have been disposed of.

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Dear Galt, G-man, DTOM, Fred, & other right-wingers on this board,

FG here is all yours. Your right-wing idols created her. Own her and her insanity, and keep on going down that path yourselves, as you already are doing.

First your remarks ran pruntrt off the Forum, and now you're trying to run the rest of us off? That's not very nice, IMHO.

Because of FG and the other right wingers here we now have the best information on Mexican food in all of NW Ohio. We're better than Yelp!


Submitted by AnonymousCoward on Fri, 2014-07-18 16:44.
Dear Galt, G-man, DTOM, Fred, & other right-wingers on this board,
FG here is all yours. Your right-wing idols created her. Own her and her insanity, and keep on going down that path yourselves, as you already are doing.

Who created you and your INSANITY? Have you and your company went down that path?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

we always take them and their spouses out to dinner. They wanted Mexican, and they wanted a place that was not too far away. So we are taking them to Plaza Azteca on Monroe St., near the mall. I have eaten there before, and I found it to be quite good. I know that the owner or manager, whichever he was, was very nice on my previous visits. I'll let everyone know how the meal went under this, yet another, "FG conspiracy" thread.

I guess Plaza Azteca is good enough to have remained open for several years, and that's saying something in the restaurant business. I was not impressed with my entree the one occasion I ate there. Perhaps we caught the staff on an off night. Let us know how dinner is for you and family at Azteca, Dale.

Patience is a great virtue.

Will do, Don.

Dale, I've never been to Plaza Azteca.

Do you know they have a bar there?


They have often had margarita specials. Since my wife usually drives and never drinks, I can have one. I'll give my critique of their margaritas, and, I'll look for a bar within as well.

We ate there last night with two other couples. Very good food. I had a chile relleno, an enchilada, and a tamale with refried beans and rice. The enchilada and tamale were good. The chile relleno was excellent. My wife and two others ordered a fajita dish featuring pineapple, with both beef and chicken. It was served in half of a hollowed out pineapple, which made quite a nice presentation. One other dish ordered was Mahi-Mahi topped with shrimp on a white sauce. This was described as superb. Our other diner had vegetarian enchiladas, which she also enjoyed greatly. All the food was very good. One of the diners who ordered the fajita dish is a chef himself, who has owned and run his own restaurants. He was most impressed with the quality of the rice side dish. He observed that some of his beef was a bit chewy.
I did have a margarita. I ordered a 'red-eye," which has a dab of strawberry on the bottom of the glass. The margarita had a good flavor. It was not so potent as some others I have ordered at other Mexican restaurants. Rumors are that at least at SOME of those other establishments, "ever-clear" liquor is added to the margarita recipe to give the drink more potency without the higher cost of extra tequila. This is only rumor. I don't know this as a fact. The service was excellent; so fast that we continued to sit and talk for several minutes after we were done eating and the bill had been paid, since we didn't have a lot of time to talk before the main courses arrived. We also had some very good desserts. These were all large enough to share. Each would have been a LOT for one diner alone. They also sang a birthday song in Spanish for our two "birthday girls," and brought out one free dessert to share. Unknown to the rest of us until after we were talking in the parking lot following dinner, one couple was also celebrating their 50th anniversary. My wife and I have been married 45 years. The third couple has been married a mere 43 years.
Overall, it was a very nice dining experience. The bill, before tip, for 6 people totaled a little over $100.00. I was the only one who ordered an adult beverage. This seems quite reasonable, even by Toledo standards. If I had to give it a score, I would say 3 1/2 stars out of 5.
Although El Tipico is still my favorite local Mexican restaurant, I would not hesitate to return to Palacio Maya. It is much closer to where we live, and the dining experience is very good. And they do have a liquor license.

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