Why history class is important. Rock star misrepresents history.


Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder goes on an anti-Israel rant. The problem is that his rant is counter to historical fact.

The scary thing is there is thousands of young people who lap up everything he says. I hope the Anti-defamation League does challenge what he says publicly.

This is why history class is important. What happened 50 and 100 years ago does affect today.

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topic in a history class. Different people can interpret the same information in different ways. Of course you may be absolutely right. Too many people sit through history class but never really try to learn the information that is being presented there.
What I'm taking too many words to say is, Eddie Vetter should realize that his being a talented musician and singer does not make him an expert in complex international politics.

Eddie Vetter and everyone else have the right to express themselves freely. Those offended by his free speech also have the right to boycott his performances and/or his recordings. Free speech comes at a price. As Lincoln said, "Better to be silent and appear a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt." Eddie probably never has seen this quote, because it's obvious he didn't pay much attention in his history classes.

Dale I agree.

I'm not calling for him to be boycotted or even for him to apologize. I fully support his free speech.

I support it because when he says incorrect things like this I confront it to show he's wrong and to show young people that if you're looking to pop celebrities for your historical and political views you are an even bigger fool.


Well put, Mikey!

Israel accepts a truce. Hamas turns the truce down cold. Who proposed the truce? Egypt. Israel, the Jewish state, accepts the proposal from the Muslim State of Egypt. But the truce is repudiated by the elected Muslim leadership in Gaza, Hamas.
Which side wants war and which side wants peace? Israel or Hamas?

Dale, I read in the Post that the Israelis call these operations "mowing the lawn." Every two or three years they have to go in and cut down the Hamas missile launching sites. Very appropriate term.

Patience is a great virtue.

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