My Particular Orientation!

I'm a heterosexual. AND PROUD OF IT! I LOVE WOMEN. I love talking to them, listening to them, going out with them, and knowing them. And, I don't give a F-word who doesn't like it!

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LGBT to each is own, doesn't mean I have to accept it. Some people here believe that everyone who opposes any LGBT's should just except it, because if they don't, they are just wrong. Really, don't impose you beliefs on anyone but yourself, and that is To Whom It May Concern.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

"The law can't change a man's heart." You may believe anything you want to believe, even when you're wrong. Yes. On some issues, I do believe that I am right and those who disagree with me are wrong. Duh! You-all believe the same thing. Otherwise, why would you post your opinions here? As long as you don't discriminate in your public life based upon those beliefs, I couldn't care less what your personal feelings are!
However, we are talking about two things here:
1 -- Actual law. Part of the 14th Amendment reads that no government in our country may, "...deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." IMHO...Under this clause, all of those federal or state laws which define marriage as a union of one man with one woman are unconstitutional. They are all aimed at one class of citizen, those who marry one consenting adult human being of the same sex. Again, IMHO, this DOES NOT mean that people must be allowed to have plural marriages, because laws against plural marriages are universal, whether those illegal marriages are heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual in nature. Nor does it allow for marrying animals or inanimate objects, which are not adult humans with the ability to consent to such a legal union. I only bring up these ludicrous situations because some extremists raise these issues as part of a "liberal agenda." That is totally fallacious!
2 -- Nondiscrimination. You may have any personal beliefs you want as long as your personal beliefs do not lead to discrimination based upon those beliefs.

Personally, I am a flaming heterosexual. I don't remember ever not being attracted to females. In my family, long, heterosexual marriages are the norm. My father was one of 4 siblings who made it to adulthood, and my mother was one of 5 who did so. All, except one uncle who had severe physical challenges and never married, were married to people of the opposite sex, and only one was ever divorced, and he had two marriages, one of around 20 years, and one of more than 30 years! All of those siblings were or are (the youngest sibling from each family is still alive) married for MORE THAN 60 YEARS TO THE SAME PERSON!! My only wife and I, her only husband, have been married for 45 years!
None of these facts reflect upon my feelings for both our son and our daughter. They are both married to wonderful men, and I hope that their marriages last as long, or longer, than all of those others from our family who married before them. I am thrilled with their relationships. Our family is something like that on "Modern Family," except I'm still married to their mother, and I am not a multi-millionaire, like the character, Jay, on that show. When we all get together, I am as happy as I can be.

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