Suggestions for Anonymouscoward?


From the volume of posts that Anonymouscoward has uploaded in the last 24 hours (not to mention the anger that he exhibits), I think he is in need of a hobby. Any ideas?

I'm thinking something along the lines of playing Russian roulette.

I'm sure he would appreciate any suggestions we might have.

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Such things can also be said about DTOM and G-man. Do you really want to go down that road?

Look at how he twists everything I say. I say we need border security. He then responds with something like:" G-man wants to take a gun to the border zone, so he can shoot dirty, smelly Brown people until he runs out of ammunition". Since I have no idea how he was raised, I have no way of figuring out what suggestions would help him. Maybe he's had a truly horrible upbringing, or is trying to deal with something else we don't know about. But, who among us hasn't had our fair share of problems? I know I have. Like deaths in the family, divorces, ill health, money problems, and so on and so on.

I must say, I have NEVER seen such an ongoing exhibition of vicious, vile, hurtful, and antagonistic remarks he spews on ANYONE who doesn't agree with him. And that's exactly why folks throw it back at him. Like I said, I have no idea what's going on with him, but I certainly DO NOT hate him. Oh, well.

You don't hate me yet you reply to everything with homophobic slurs and so forth. Hell, you still reply rather than, you know, TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and perhaps ignoring me. Everyone can see that now that you just posted ASKING ME TO LOG OFF so YOU can have a rest, AS IF I AM MAKING YOU POST. That right there is a sure sign you need psychiatric help. I bet you say that stuff to your wife too... "Stop making me beat you!"

Look, what may I do to be more agreeable to you? I repeat, I DO NOT hate you! Disagree yes, but that doesn't equal hatred. You continually complain about my posts and at the same time it's "I'm ignoring you?" I'll never ask you to log off, I swear by God almighty I won't. You said it yourself--I ASKED you to log off. How is that some sort of demand? I didn't really expect you to, anyhow. I know full well you think only of yourself, and you're the one who HATES me, not the other way around. Still what can I do, on my end, to help straighten this out? I'm willing to meet you half way on this issue. I don't know what else to do.

Oh he whined out his upbringing on Toledo talk in a few 'poor poor pitiful little me' posts. It was a truly moronic tale of self sabotage and then blaming everyone but himself for not being able to grab the ol brass ring.

It would have been sad, but he made it obvious that he was a little asshole as a teeny bopper too....

That's a shame. I know he's intelligent, and could become a positive part of the Forum.

I never spent any time to speak of, on TT. Do you know if there are any other local discussion forums? Thanks, Billy!

TT has a couple things going for it. It has an ignore feature that I would HIGHLY recommend Chris to set up, and AC isn't allowed to post, so the owner does take out the garbage.

Frankly with the ignore feature, I don't really know why the port Clinton parasite got the boot. Most people had him blocked anyway. I had to go back and look, and what happened was hilarious.

Bonus, no mrignorant either.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Who was the Port Clinton parasite, or at least what forum moniker did he use? You and Fred brought up two bonus points, too. I think I'll get folks mad about this idea, but would making this Forum a paying Forum be any help? Sort of like a mini poll tax? Oh, well.

You're close Billy IMO.

As seen with purnhrt and Paul, the worst thing to a liberal is editing them.

If you allow them to still post but delete their posts when they cross the line they become extra whiny. It frustrates them badly.

They cry freedom of speech, which you see clearly on here, they don't want freedom of speech, they want freedom of speech just for them. They stomp around and might even put up with it. Then as purnhrt showed with Glass City Jungle, they get fed up and leave.


See what I mean, GALT? Here we go again.

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