State Tax Cuts Don't Trickle Down

But the dramatic tax cutting doesn't appear to have done nearly as much for job growth as promised.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says that Wisconsin ranked 35th of the 50 states in job growth during the first three years of Scott Walker's term, and dead last among its immediate neighbors, including, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Ohio.

Kansas hasn't fared much better. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the state's rate of job growth has lagged the national average since Brownback's tax cuts took effect.

North Carolina, at least, matched the national average in job creation in 2013. But the total number of jobs added to the state's economy in the second half of the year – when the tax cuts went into effect, was actually smaller than the total number added in 2012.

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A tax cut is a basic action expressing the philosophy that the government is just too large. Hence, the rational man knows that tax cuts are a pointless exercise unless they are paired with spending cuts.

Question: Did Wisconsin and Kansas cut spending in addition to taxes?

Not enough to make up for the losses from decreased tax revenue! Of course, they bought into the whole "if we cut taxes, revenue will go UP!" crap. It really hurts when you fail to recognize which side of the Laffer Curve you're on, you see.

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