$20 Million will fly all of these illegals back to their homelands - first class

Senator Coburn presented these plain and simple figures.


So why is the fascist dictator "requesting" over $4 BILLION? When we can fly them all home for $20 MILLION?

Well for starters - Bobo doesn't want them to go home. He wants money that the American POOR do not have any access to - to go to non-Americans.

And for "enders" - how many Americans know that we don't actually have agents to stop the influx AT the border? Word is that they are stationed 25 miles in FROM the border, so that any and all crossing illegally - can cross and then claim to "already be here."

So how come Diane, Scott, and Brian don't report info like that? They are the protected elite class who will (they think anyway) never be exposed to airborne Tuberculosis. They will be safe (they think) from the ecological disease disaster their fake messiah is visiting on the rest of America. Safe in their high-rise, million-dollar New York apartments, Martha's Vineyard beach front homes and Connecticut farms. One assumes that fear of disease is also why there are so few on-camera reports by the mainstream media - either AT the border, or 25 miles in...

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You, you dumbass bitch, and your fellow (R)etards are DEMANDING Obama BREAK THE LAW SIGNED BY BUSH, to send these kids back immediately without a hearing. Which you will then use as grounds to declare him a law-breaking imperalistic President and impeach him. Nobody's falling for it.


Now that FG's been debunked, does anyone have any feedback on the food at Grape Leaf Express?

One of the children of the family who owns Grape Leaf, is one of my wife's former students. He is an adult, now, and we sometimes have seen him there.
Now, I do have Jewish friends who will not go to ANY Arab-owned restaurant. I do not agree with this position, but I wanted to disclose this information.

Personally, my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant is Rumors. The food is consistently excellent. The food is consistently abundant. And the service is always fast, even when the Rumors is wall-to-wall people. AND, the prices are moderate, even by Toledo standards.

I did not know Rumors had Middle Eastern cuisine. I have driven by there many times, but have never stopped in to dine there.
I have been to The Beirut and to Byblos for Lebanese fare, and have enjoyed both.

What's with calling women filthy names? Would you pipe down, if someone packed your fudge real tight?


"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Wow, G-string and DTOM are really getting off on each other's gay rape fantasies.

gay rape fantasies belong all to you, Fudge Boy

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Witness the hypocrisy of Dale Pertcheck.

Asking AC if he's a homosexual is offensive and homophobic.

Accusing people of gay rape because of their political affiliation goes ignored.

This is why I could care less about Dale's "being offended". He isn't REALLY offended. He just doesn't like the political affiliation of the other party. If he were really offended he'd speak up about AC's continued references to homosexual activities in a negative way.

Nope, silence from Dale.

So, despite his son's sexuality, Dale isn't REALLY offended by homophobic slurs. He is actually pro-silencing-an-opposing-viewpoint.

I hope everyone remembers THIS the next time he talks about people being civil on swampbubbles. He doesn't want people to stop saying bad things, only conservatives.


My continued references? You mean G-Man's continued references. Again, you refuse to check up on your buddy G-Man or see him as doing anything wrong because he's on your team. Pretty much your entire comment above is just more Republican projection.

All you have to do is scroll up.


You have serious mental issues,get on some meds. You racists homophobic hunkey cracker.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Medication won't help this fishturd out. What is indicated now, is probably a transorbital lobotomy. Or maybe even a couple 440 electrodes stuck in each side of his(its') head.

Run him off the board,or maybe he took his cyanide pill..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I did NOT direct my objections to the negative implications of those referring to homosexuality toward any individual or group. They were directed toward ALL WHO USE SUCH COMMENTS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR POLITICAL PARTY AND/OR PHILOSOPHY!

I am partisan. I openly admit that. I have also written about how much I object when personal attacks replace honest arguments about issues and policies, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL PARTY AND/OR PHILOSOPHY.

You may disagree with me all you want. But, my positions on issues and policies are sincere.

Well Dale,

Since day one when AC came here he's been doing nothing but spewing profanely sexual suggestions and the bulk of which are suggested that homosexuality is bad.

You questioned me when I asked AC if he were a homosexual. It's a fair question given the above. And I never implied if it were wrong or right. I didn't need to, he set that standard once again see above.

Now he has used the phrase "gay rape". I would say if you were offended THAT would be the most offensive. And even though you've posted on the topic you once again ignore his comments.


AC is wrong to make such references. You are wrong to make such references, even if they are in answer to AC. Everyone else here who posts an opinion directly stating or indirectly implying that there is somehow something intrinsically bad or embarrassing about living a homosexual lifestyle, is wrong also. I am not going back into the archives to find every such reference and admonish every individual. THEY ARE ALL WRONG!!

You are wrong for assuming my question inferred that homosexuality was bad. It didn't.

Any negativity read into homosexuality by my question is only inferred in the context of AC's opinion that homosexual acts are bad.


in nature. You personalized it. If you have no such prejudice, good for you!

"MikeyA -- Why is that germane
Submitted by dalepertcheck on Mon, 2014-07-07 02:38.

MikeyA -- Why is that germane and/or important?

This is me internalizing it eh?


on you.
I did NOT question your motives. I asked a simple question. Am I to be pilloried for asking YOU to clarify a statement by YOU, if YOU so choose to do so?

Because I had already posted why I would ask that question of AC and why I would continue to do so.


If you get off your fucking lying fat ass, you will find more posts from the likes of DTOM and G-man insinuating that I am a homosexual and perform homosexual acts than you will find from me insinuating that they do, and in fact, I can point out where I specifically pointed out there's nothing wrong with that (other than the fact that I really didn't want to hear about their lifestyle choices).

However, that wouldn't let you control the narrative, Mikey, since your whole point is to be a dishonest lying S.O.B. in the best traditions of Republicans everywhere.

It's amazing how you Republicans lack the balls to criticize each other and call each other out. You had every opportunity to tell your buddies G-man and DTOM to knock it off and not "play down to my level", but you're now below my level and pushing the Down button.

Thanks for playing right into my hands, AGAIN.


I do go after the Republicans on here if they do something I feel is shitty. I honestly have no problem with profanity and vulgarity. Like I pointed out in my argument with you, when you do it I take it as you are unable to form a cogent argument.

Look at FG. When she makes stupid posts. I have no problem going after her. DTOM and I have exchanged words before.

However, it was Dale who chose to make a case that he was offended. It's clearly false outrage. He isn't offended. If he were he'd have spoken up the many times you've "crossed the line".


time" someone "crosses the line." To do so would be too tedious and time-consuming. Every once in a while, I get fed up and post something attacking ALL who "cross the line."

Like you, I find using offensive, even profane, language to be a sign of weak arguments. Let the disagreements be aired. Let readers decide who makes the better case. The use of profanity is gratuitous, unnecessary and, often, directly offensive.
Maybe I'm too thin-skinned, but that's just me, Mikey.

YOU find using offensive, even profane, language to be a sign of weak arguments.The use of profanity is gratuitous, unnecessary and, often, directly offensive. That seems to be for the most part AC, go back and read the threads. Have you ever stated the above to AC?

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I believe he did, ONCE. But it went in one ear, and out the other, in a couple minutes. I can see why, too. He told b-c that he supported almost everything b-c said, as a preface.

fun to me, I will play any game you want. Playing down to your level is simply given you a dose of your own medicine, and you don't like the reflection. Insinuating or asking if you're gay is from you insinuating that you could be, go back and read all your Gay-Speak. The responses are normal. See one of your mental disabilities is, you will initiate your narrative and when you get feedback accordingly, you don't like it. Grow up, stop pouting, and be able to take what you dish out, without whining about it.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}


So, what you're saying is everyone should accept it because YOU believe it's ok and that there is nothing wrong with it. Well, it don't work that way, sorry. Go admonish AC, he is the perpetrator of the entire issue. I posted my questions as just that, questions. You can only turn the other cheek so many times.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

In case you didn't recognize this fact, THESE ARE CHILDREN!! Most are being driven from violence that makes our worst central cities look tame. But, hey, let's just send them all back immediately. So what if it's breaking the law to do so? And isn't that the Christian thing to do? WWJD?

There was never much "compassion" in "Compassionate Conservatism." Even less in 2014. Just, "Send those children back to die. They're not our problem!" I wonder if the reaction from the right-wingers would be the same if these children were from Romania or Northern Ireland back in the day?

Of course there wasn't, it was a buzzword dogwhistle phrase to energize the right-wing fundies.

It's not going to help your base this time around, besides it's not true. how many of those kids have you helped? none, well I have, so don't give me that crap the right hates kids, or they are not compassionate. Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly have sent truck loads of food, water, blankets, ect. to those kids, what have you effing Democrat's sent to them, right, nothing. Go back to bed..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Don't worry, DTOM. AC/DC wouldn't donate FIFTY CENTS to help out.

You anti-Christian little twit. You religious BIGOT. Right after you take some of these 16-19 year-olds and adult mothers with diseases into YOUR HOME, and YOUR molly-coddled wife takes care of them, THEN and only then should you preach to anybody about anything having to do with compassion.

Failing opening YOUR home in fake compassion, you could always visit one of the local missions (at least 3 that I know of) and volunteer your time to help American poor. But, oh yeah, that's right... a self-righteous religious BIGOT would never do such a thing.

Failing that, you could always help out at an open-to-the poor atheist or agnostic local mission. Oh yeah (head slap) THERE ARE NO SUCH MISSIONS TO HELP THE POOR. Only Christians do that.

That's right, because typically the word mission in that sense typically refers to something with RELIGIOUS affiliation. "Atheist mission" would pretty much be an oxymoron.

There are plenty of SECULAR agencies out there that help the poor.

Mind you, since you Christians have a track record of turning down money from atheists, you don't have much of a leg to stand on with your bigotry remarks, ya dumb fuck.


Are you really suggesting ac/dc gets off his ample arse and does something PHYSICAL to help folks out? FG, that isn,t going to happen. He's going to resort the liberals' favorite stunt, and holler "why doesn't SOMEONE, instead of me, do something"?

Please post proof that you've gotten off your ass and helped out anywhere, before you criticize others.

Oh, and your donation to the GOP is not "helping out others".

Are you really suggesting ac/dc gets off his ample arse and does something PHYSICAL to help folks out? FG, that isn,t going to happen. He's going to resort the liberals' favorite stunt, and holler "why doesn't SOMEONE, instead of me, do something"?




Ladies and gentlemen, Republican racism at its finest!

Music soothes the savage beast, maybe it'll help you-know-who a little:

And how exactly is that racist?



Then it shows you that you don't understand the question you are posing.

This is a political question. Jesus did his best to stay out of political affairs, even when groups tried to trick him into it.


Jesus never turned his back on anyone needing help, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!!

WWJD, Mikey? WWJD?

No one has turned their back on the children. They are being housed and fed, probably better than where they came from.

But Jesus always deferred the right of government to exist and hold domain over areas that were necessary for the government to operate. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's. He was not against taxes. He was against tax collector's who abused their position. So, he would not be against our government securing our border nor would he be against deportation, especially since we have some very liberal migration laws.

Most want those laws to remain liberal. I believe the last poll I saw was 73% wanted immigrants to be able to migrate here. However, there is a difference between controlled immigration and uncontrolled immigration.

Uncontrolled immigration breeds corruption and despair. Thus I am not shocked to find that there are coyotes transportating children in deplorable conditions, lying to families on the US policy, charging exorbitant amounts to bring people here.

Failing to secure the border is causing these conditions. I am all for immigrants coming here, even in large quantities. But it needs to be controlled and monitored. What the Dems are creating is chaos.


Why don't you piss up a rope, ac/dc?

You used that one already.

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