Democrats Are Totally Silent Re: Other Casualty Concerning Illegals!

Who do you folks suppose will suffer more, as a result of illegal immigrence pouring across our border? The democrats' party has a huge block of guaranteed supporters! It's the largest minority block in the US---Hispanic voters. Black voters have gotten NOTHING the last six years, and there's no reason to believe things will be better the next two years, either. Goddammit-Black People are US Citizens! They SHOULD NOT get thrown under the bus, again, by the liberal dipshits running the Country.

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for voting for this guy. But that argument doesn't motivate a great number of African American voters. My sister, who works in a medical clinic, said this has been discussed often in her workplace. That clinic serves almost 80% illegals. I've posted on that here before - the husbands of the mothers who bring their Hispanic children in for FREE medical care - the husbands work high paid construction jobs down south, and are paid under the table, etc. The only taxes paid in that whole deal is by patriotic working American citizens. We pay for ourselves - American citizens - and then again for illegals who game the system.

So the topic of paying for all the illegals already here, comes up at that clinic. Here's how it shakes out - the African American nurses and other African American health care & clerical workers there ACKNOWLEDGE that Obama is a terrible prez, and that Obamacare is unworkable.

BUT - they say, over and over, that they voted both times for BO, because this (having a 1/2 black prez) is "HISTORIC". And color is the only reason they voted for him.

So LOGIC, don't you see (?) - DOES NOT WORK. The only thing that works, at this point in time, is what they are doing in Murietta, California.

The REAL catastrophe in all this is that the illegals are bringing in diseases that it will likely take another 2 or 3 generations to re-eradicate. And there is more than one GAG ORDER on health care workers seeing these border illegals - they are not allowed to discuss the diseases they are treating at the border right now. A Dr. & nurse husband and wife defied this order, and called in to the Rush Limbaugh show yesterday. It's horrifying.

Additionally, these illegals are Spanish speaking and could easily go south rather than north. Mexico won't allow them in -- but they could go down to any number of Spanish-speaking South American countries - IF it were true that they are fleeing violence. But it is NOT really true. Many are being snatched and put on buses in a planned chaos orchestrated by the Obama administration. Hence BO's pool playing and beer drinking, instead of visiting the border. Why would the individual who PLANNED THIS CHAOS [and paid off several countries, including Mexico) go to the border and pretend to be surprised?

More later on how exactly this was planned, --or one could just go over to He lives in Mexico and is reporting the truth on this.

I said it once & will say it again - the Dems are going to pay for this at the ballot box in November - and they all know it. Eric Cantor's defeat is fresh in the front of their minds.

The only hope conservatives and normal honest Americans have at this point is if Dr. Ben Carson runs. The Dems would not be able to stop him if he got the repub nomination [for reasons mentioned above].

If Carson runs, it will be the Independents that will make all the difference, IMO. All other liberal voting blocks--will vote exactly how their democrat overseers TELL them to vote, and patiently wait fifty or so more years for the democrats' party to toss them another bone.

I know that Dr. Carson DOESN'T really want to run. He was actually looking forward to a nice retirement - and he deserves it.

But this is a genuinely kind and earnest, patriotic American citizen. I have personally seen him on TV for MANY years (often on programs like the 700 Club). His very real compassion is almost irresistible. His personal story is compelling. His genius as a surgeon is proven. There is nothing not to like about this guy.

For me, it's the content of his character. But the Democrats fear him exceedingly for one reason and one reason only - his color. They are smart enough to know that it is not only white & black conservatives who vote on content of character, who will vote for Carson ... but also people of color who just want a non-white president.

The only reason Carson is even considering running for the presidency in 2016 is that he IS a man of character, and sees how badly our country has been damaged in recent years. And I mean "damaged" by Clinton and Bush as well as Obama.

I hope you're right. Still, people who want a non-White President, had no problem voting for one who is half-White.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, G-string, but just because someone is a minority or whatever doesn't make them a "liberal voting block", nor are there marching orders from "democrat overseers" (unlike what you get from Fox News, what is it with your projection?). There are a hell of a lot of people who are voting ANTI-GOP (which, when you think about it, includes YOUR Teabaggers and LLLLibertarians!) based on the sheer pile of bullshit coming from the GOP. You know, stupid shit like how on even numbered days Obama's a lawless dictator imperialist who acts unilaterally yadda yadda and on odd numbered days he's a do-nothing empty suit who is not a leader yackety schmakety. For example, smart people and young people who watch The Daily Show where Jon Stewart is so kind as to play a clip of some Republican asshole saying one thing and then saying the exact opposite the next day, or pointing out how there's this IMMIGRATION REFORM BILL PASSED BY THE SENATE sitting on Boner's desk but Boner won't hold a vote on it, just like what happened with the shutdown when Boner had a clean bill from the Senate sitting on his desk and wouldn't hold a vote on it. You TeaTards might all be enjoying your Alzheimer's in your old age and senility, but the rest of us actually remember shit that happened yesterday, let alone a year ago.

"Dr." Ben Carson is a creationist idiot who called the VA scandal "a gift from God", for example, and while you forgot that effectively this guy just thanked his God for providing dead veterans to use as political fodder, the rest of us remember and think that's pretty goddamn sick.


I pointed out to a facebook friend that the $3.7 billion that Obama wants to spend on illegals is a teensy bit more than the $200 million he proposed to be spent over five years on his My Brother's Keeper program for black boys, and that the president is counting on corporate donations to provide most of the money for the program. Given the funding disparity, no one can argue that you really don't count much with the president if you are a young black male American citizen.

Patience is a great virtue.

Fred likes sandwiches and I like tacos. SB xenophobes should look at change as a part of life. Let the good state of Texas deal with it, after all doesn't Texas want to secede from America? They can't stand big government but now want that big government big spending to solve their foreign invasion. Get those Texas rangers to round em up! Gotta love that Texas Gov. Perry talking out of both sides of his ignorant mouth!

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Well, when you raise your hand to take in and support a few of these illegals - in your own home with your own money...

which disease would you prefer your illegals to bring in to your home? Polio, scabies, leprosy or airborne TB. I hear they could really use some liberal volunteer homes for the drug-resistant type of TB.

So, when you are putting your money where your mouth is, and admitting some of these disease carrying illegals into your home... guess where your fascist dictator will be from August 9th through August 24th?



P.S. Come on now... did you really not notice that the illegal Hispanics in southern states get high paid construction jobs - are paid under the table - don't pay taxes - don't pay UNION DUES - and have, in effect, taken jobs from dues-paying American taxpayers??

Come on - you are only PRETENDING not to understand that, right?

For other low-information liberals, this deal of hiring illegals and paying them under the table is a win-win-WIN for dishonest American employers. They don't carry these workers on the books & don't have to pay into Social Security for them. And if any illegal causes them a problem - they are fired with no recourse. Because they are here illegally.

Again - a win-win-WIN for dishonest American employers... a lose, lose, LOSE for, among others, UNIONS.

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