Lucas County Republican Party of Clowns sues Husted

"The party's executive committee has filed what's called a *writ of mandamus* with the Ohio supreme court.

Party leaders want the justices to force Jon Husted to seat Kelly Bensman and Ben Roberts as the two new Republicans on the Lucas County Board of Elections.

Party chairman, Jon Stainbrook says, "This was simply to ask the secretary of state to finally do your job and seat the two people the executive committee, the leadership of the party would like to sit on the board of elections.""

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Cue all the conservatives on the board ramping up their attacks on everything to attempt to distract from the fact they are completely incapable of removing The Stain. Because, you know, it's much better and easier to attack, say, me and Obama and "LLLiberals" in general than for them to get their fat asses off their couches and onto their mobility scooters to go make an actual change in their party and work on fixing the damage done to local GOP public relations and perception.

Remember, Lucas County residents, a vote for ANY GOP candidate supports people like Stainbrook and the coterie of people here who are too lazy to do anything about him yet can spend 8 hours a day attacking Obama and being closed-minded little racists and homophobes and whatnot on this board.

I bet you voted for him. Since you're a voting Republican now.


That's not a question.

That's right! It's not!

And good for you for recognizing it.


Yep, yep--liberals really need to crow about the dysfunction of the Lucas County Republicans--being that the local Democrats have done such a fine job of running Toledo. When I'm driving on Nebraska Avenue from Westwood to downtown, I can't help but thank the Democrats for what they've done for the City.

I love this talking point. You guys don't even have your shit together enough to offer any alternatives yet you criticize the Dems. What, are you saying that since you are experts in failure that you damn well know failure when you see it? That isn't something to be proud of.

All the real Republicans have left the city.

Toledo is continually sinking. It's not the next Detroit, it's the next Flint.

The Dems have been running Toledo alone since 1992. It's been a failure since that time. And it's you who can't see it.


nation, and it has been run almost exclusively by Democrats for decades! The cost of living in San Francisco is astronomical! Yet, the unemployment rate in May, 2014 was only 5.5%.

This should NOT be a partisan issue. For the record, the current Mayor of Toledo is an independent. And his predecessor, whom he defeated, was an independent.
Once again, I say that government governs best when it governs from the political center. Cooperation between and among various political groups and various interest groups leads to a better future. As long as Democrats and Republicans, management and labor, political leaders and The Blade, various religious groups, the suburbs, exurbs and central city, and the wide variety of racial and ethnic minorities continue to fight over the ever-shrinking pie, we will never make the pie bigger.
We MUST work together to have a better Northwest Ohio. And I use Indianapolis as a Midwestern city which has minimized strife among various groups, and has thrived in the past few decades. The latest unemployment figure I could find for Indianapolis was 5.7% in April, 2014. Toledo's unemployment rate was 5.9% in April, 2014, down from a peak of 13.3% in May, 2009.
It's either cooperate or suffer more and more.

How is Oakland doing? It's right across the bay from SF and also run by Dems... for decades.


Look what the democrats' party rule has done for Detroit--I mean done TO Detroit.


Hate to break it to you dumbfucks, but pointing at Detroit and saying "look at how Dems run the show there" DOES NOT DO ONE FUCKING THING TO MAKE THE CASE THAT YOU ARE ANY BETTER WHEN YOU GUYS ARE TOO FUCKING INCOMPETENT, INEPT, AND IMPOTENT TO REMOVE THE STAIN.

Do you know how to remove "skid marks"? You should try it sometime.

Nobody wants anything to do with your laundry, especially not your mom, but she does it for you because she loves you and you are nice enough to buy her the smokes and booze from the corner store.

Sorry, she buys MY smokes and booze. It's a set-up I borrowed from the liberal play book. Let somebody else support me.


... to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair and bring lots and lots of cash.

Patience is a great virtue.

Exactly, This is a one horse Democratic town.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Anonymouscoward writes, "I love this talking point. You guys don't even have your shit together enough to offer any alternatives yet you criticize the Dems."

So what AC is saying is that this is as good as it's gonna get with the Democrats in charge of Toledo. So, without the Republicans coming up with "alternatives," we can't expect the Democrats to improve things. Geez--I might actually agree with AC for once.

That's not what I'm saying but hey, whatever works for you.

Kinda like the attacks on Obama over immigration, where the Senate passed an immigration reform bill and it's on Boner's desk yet he won't hold a vote on it and CAN'T hold a vote on it now because it'd pass and that'd take away the Republican talking points, validate how Republicans are obstructing government, cause the Teabagger wing to get the knives out for Boner, etc. Hell, if it FAILED along party lines, it'd do pretty much the same. Hence Boner's "the only winning move is not to play."

You haven't gotten ANY of the goodies you were promised, and foolishly voted for, for the last six years. And you will continue to get NOTHING for the next two. Big deal. Keep hoping, and keep waiting for change, change you can believe in.

Oh really?

You should worry about the illegal immagrence crossing the border, we'll take care of the rest of the trouble.

Your spelling and grammar are getting worse. Is that from the drinking or are you suffering a stroke of some kind from being so angry that you can't outwit me?

You're a piece of cake, son!

I think we already proved that you shouldn't talk to anyone about spelling or grammar.


You're right, I shouldn't, because it just embarrasses your side every time I take DTOM to task.

delusions of grandeur are becoming more apparent.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}


That's just your inadequacy speaking. It takes at least 3 of you to tackle what little old me can post here ripping up your talking points.

Speaking of inadequacy, have you guys got rid of Stainbrook yet?

Have you gotten over your crabs yet?

Your verb should be "is" since the subject (acceleration) is singular. Don't let prepositional phrases throw you.

Patience is a great virtue.

It all depends on what the meaning if "is", is.


So you're saying the verb would have emphasized the meaning of acceleration. Thanks, but I believe he understood what was posted.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

ac/dc understood what you said. One can always tell, by how mad he gets!

Have you been to San Francisco lately? My family spent 2 days there during our Napa Valley trip a few summers ago and we were amazed at the condition of the city (compared to when we had been there in the past). There didn't seem to be a building that wasn't covered in graffiti, the number of homeless on the streets made NYC look like an oasis, the smell was putrid, and we feared for our safety on most of the streets we walked.

Now, I have no doubt that I have higher expectations than Anonymouscoward(!), but you'd have to be a moron not to see that San Francisco is in bad shape.

How about this--name a city that has been run by Republicans for decades that is in decline at the level of Detroit, St. Louis, Newark, etc., etc.

have a son and a niece who live within the city limits of San Francisco. We were last there in late January of this year. Every large city has problems, but, overall, San Francisco is a city with great opportunities for young, well-educated Americans, especially in high tech fields.

WOW!! 2 whole days! I guess you know it all then!

I have (apparently) the uncanny ability after only a few hours of observing graffiti-covered buildings in the heart of a downtown, inhaling garbage odors, and stepping around homeless people to surmise--"this ain't such a great place."

Again, expectations vary--and mine are very high.

a partisan issue! Democrats dominate MOST city governments. Some are successful, although many are not. Larger cities have economic challenges which suburbs and exurbs seldom face. There is nothing magic in proposals by Republicans or Independents to save these cities. It takes COOPERATION!!

But all of you critics just keep spewing the hatred of divisiveness. See how productive THAT is! Nearly 50 years ago, I took a course in consolidated metropolitan governments. Nearly every city which had consolidated by the 1960s has been relatively successful, including (off the top of my head) Indianapolis, Toronto, and Jacksonville. We could add Toledo to that list if, and only if, we work together, instead of consistently wallowing in the slime of backbiting and infighting. And the example of the local Republican Party fighting with the Republican Ohio Secretary of State is so typical of the dysfunction rampant in the Greater Toledo area, regardless of political party!.


The example of dysfunction is country wide, not just in Toledo, and it involves all political parties. The Republican Party wants to hold on to power just as the Dems. If the Republican Party would accept the Tea Party it would have energized the base, but no, they don't want to compromise their power, hence the dysfunction between the political groups. The Republican party here in Toledo, is RINO.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

The dysfunction is in the GOP as the ultra-right-wing TeaTard inmates try to take over the asylum. The business side of the GOP knows that the GOP is fucked unless they can appeal to minorities and younger voters, but they can't do that because there's a whole lot of TeaTards like yourself out there spouting racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks, as well as a whole plethora of scientifically-disprovable lies (my current favorite is the one about how the surface temperature of Mars is IDENTICAL to that of Earth, but not as good as the classic "shutting the whole thing down" rape comment).

Boner has an immigration reform bill sitting in his Inbox that was passed by the Senate. He could hold a vote for it right now. He can't do that because he's backed into a corner by his own remarks and all the remarks of the TeaTards and the "news media" that support them. If he actually held a vote on it, it'd be PROOF POSITIVE that nothing is getting done because of Republican Obstructionism. You TeaTards won't compromise with Obama and had a shit fit when Boner only got 98% of what he wanted in the last big so-called compromise. The half of America that's on the >100 IQ side of the bell curve knows this to be true.

You don't see a pile of dysfunction in the Democratic Party. There are people who are pissed that Obama's gone center-right and gotten nothing for it, and that he's not found the balls to, for example, address the nation from the Oval Office to point out all the Republican hypocrisy, like the bill sitting on Boner's desk. What you have in the GOP, from the very roots up to the top, is massive dysfunction as the classic GOP paleocons, the neocons, the Teabaggers, the single-issue nuts, and so on, fight it out. This is why you have The Stain in power in Lucas County, because while you're out Teabagging away waving your misspelled signs at some dumb protest, he's got a whole host of people doing shit. You TeaTards and the rest of the Republicans in Lucas County can't even get your shit together enough to oust him because you disagree with each other so much, which lets him control the machinery enough. It's the same thing elsewhere, where there's been massive fights between the establishment GOP trying to put up some candidates to attract Independents/Moderates and the Teabaggers fronting far-right racists, sexists, homophobes, and utter morons. You TeaTards remember one of your later justifications for the Iraq War about "winning the hearts and minds"? You're not doing that AT ALL,

So, by all means, call everyone else in the GOP a RINO. Reject moderates, women, minorities, GLBT people, anyone who is not a Christian fundie, Please proceed.


"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Just for that, I'm not going to support your cherished immigration reform bill. How do you like that, smart guy?

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