Obama on Immigration: ‘We Should Be Making It Easier’

Walk across the line and have benefits and freedom how much easier can it get?
Check it out:

“We should be making it easier” to immigrate to the U.S., Pres. Obama declared in remarks at the Naturalization Ceremony for Service members and Military Spouses at the White House Friday.

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That's just great, that's just effing great! I think someone should drop 3-4 hundred of them on the White House lawn for starters.

Oh do shut up. You vote for and suck up to Big Business who undercut hundreds of thousands of American jobs by crying they cannot find qualified Americans and then get hundreds of thousands of H1B visas approved which are then used to import foreigners here to take those jobs for less than they'd have to pay an American and who will eat all the shit their employer dishes out, knowing that if they are fired they will be sent back to India or wherever the hell. You can talk about immigration when you pony up for making college affordable so we're not importing people from Mumbai Back-Alley Medical School and Computer Coding College.

But--there is ONE THING I don't let my employer do!

Pay you?

Sorry, next guess?

If obama cared about immigrants, he'd ship 2-3 hundred to the Rose Garden. If, they could get past the fence around the White House.

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